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Sexual Freedom and STDs

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Sexual liberation was a movement that broke the stiff norms of social behavior where sex wasn’t talked about and premarital sex was social suicide. It started in the 1960s and challenged a society that was based on the Victorian code of conduct.

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The Church promoted the view that sex was evil and should be tolerated only for the sake of offsprings. Though it ended in the 1980s it seems that is hasn’t stopped breaking the walls. Today is music videos, movies and books are being released to the public with the sole intent to shock with the abundance of sexual imagery.

If you don’t agree just look at the adds, there are more adds with sexual context than those with a image of a family. There is a connection between sexual liberation and the rise in STDs.


During the 1940s the number of people infected with syphilis was staggeringly high. With penicillin being a suitable cure, it allowed the revolution to continue. You have to keep in mind that sexual liberation changed the world in more ways than allowing freedom from monogamy.

Not only did it normalize homosexuality, premarital sex, contraception, the use of the pill, but it also brought about the legalization of abortions.


According to a survey conducted between 2006-2010 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 62% of women were on some form of birth control, of that percentage only 10% were using condoms. There seems to be a higher concern of not getting pregnant than infected.

Many people are unaware that some people are just carriers, so that means that they will exhibit no symptoms. Pills may be effective against unwanted pregnancy but condoms are still the best way to prevent STDs. Even the great Italian lover Giovanni Casanova used condoms made from sheep intestines.

Teenagers and STDs

Lets face it teenagers are sexually active today more then ever. The CDC did another survey on teenage girls between 14 and 19 and were shocked with the findings. One in every 4 girls had a STD at some point and nearly 50 % were sexually active.

The US spent millions of dollars advocating abstinence maybe they should have invested that money in promoting safe sex. With the abundance of sexual imagery there is no way to stop teenagers from being sexually active, but we can educate them in being safe.

Also, there is a big problem with peer pressure. When you’re a teenager every relationship is a matter of life and death. Just remember the emotional turmoil when you were young and you had a fight with a friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend. Teens just want to fit in and with this they are willing to throw all commonsense out the window. Today teens who are not sexually active are bullied or even ostracized form groups.

If you don’t want your child to be one of those that are infected, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, talk with them. Educate them on all STDs, talk to them about proper condom size, application and use.

Tell them to hold their ground and not give into peer pressure, also explain to them that if someone really loves them then they will respect their decision.

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