You will soon be able to share Instagram Stories directly to Facebook


Instagram is widely used by youths to share photos and videos as well as by brands to reach out to their massive audience online, so it’s only natural that the company behind the platform would be looking for every way to expand its reach and user base.

The company launched the Instagram Stories feature for its mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms towards the middle of last year, and since then, the feature has been successful at increasing the usage of the platform, especially among its young users. Now, Instagram is planning to incorporate a way for users to share their stories directly to their Facebook accounts while uploading them on the platform.

share instagram stories to facebook

This new feature was discovered by some Instagram users in Portugal whom the features is being tested upon, and reported by Matt Navarra of The Next Web. After the success of Stories on Instagram, Facebook, its parent company, rolled out the feature for the popular social network earlier in March, but the same level of success was not recorded and not many Facebook users make use of Facebook stories. Perhaps this is a move to gain traction for the feature.

Just this past month, Instagram started rolling out a feature that allows users of the platform on desktop to view Stories on Instagram Web, with a promise to add the capability to upload and post their Stories straight from the desktop client.

This new feature, if finally implemented, will be an extension of the current feature in Instagram that allows you to share photos and videos posted on the platform directly to Facebook. Even this feature has not really helped with bringing the attention of Facebook users to Instagram, so I don’t really see how the ability to share Instagram Stories to Facebook would make me start using Facebook Stories.