Singer Ariane Grande Finally Speaks in Honor of Her Ex-boyfriend’s Death

Just barely a week after Mac Miller died, his ex Ariane Grande has finally responded to the social media calls she had been getting. When the 26 year old rapper died on September 7th after he overdosed from drugs, so many fans and celebrities trooped to his social media page to show their condolences and pay their last respects.

However his ex girlfriend Ariane Grande who he dated for 2years didn’t say anything and was mute on social media. This made his farms call her out while calling her all sorts of names. After a week, his ex who is also a singer took to social media to pay her respects as well.

“I have adored you from the very first time we met, when I was barely nineteen and you know what, I always will. I can’t even believe that you are no longer here with me. It’s really impossible for me to wrap my head around. We talked so many times about this. I’m so mad, so so mad at you, I’m like so sad, I don’t know what to do.”

“Above anything else, for so long you were my dearest friend. Above all, I’m really sorry I couldn’t fix your pain or take it away, I really wanted to. You are the kindest, sweetest soul with demons you never deserved. I do hope you are resting now, I hope you are okay”

Ariane posted a video on instagram where she tagged it with the above statement. In the heart breaking video, Mac had been seen wearing a sweatshirt which was also in form of a hoodie and he was talking to her back then when they were still together in a relationship.

He was saying “if we walk” but then he had stopped when he realised that Ariane was recording his movements and his statements. They both started to giggle as he told her to stop in a romantic kind of way. He tried to reach out for the camera and the she told him to stop that he should make her happy.

Mac then began to say he would tell her the story as much as she wants and from there nothing could be heard again from the video. Although we couldn’t shear anything from the video anymore, however, we could really tell that it was such a sweet moment for the both of them.

Though this was her first direct comment to his death, this isn’t her first reaction to his death. On the 8th of September, just a day after the tragic incident, Ariana had taken to Twitter to pay her respects while paying him a tribute. This she did despite the comments that were hurled at her instagram page which got so intense that she had to turn off comments on her instagra, page.

However, as regards Mac’s property, apparently the rapper had set up his will before his death. In 2013, Mac set up a trust fund and had also written and executed his will. According to court probate obtained by the blast, Mac set his parents as trustees to the fund.

Asides his parents, Mac also named a lawyer named David Byrnes to serve as the administrator to his estate. Mac also named his brother Miller McCormick as an administrator and trustee of his will in the instance that their parents aren’t around when the will comes into effect.

The worth of Mac’s estate wasn’t disclosed in the will, however, according to celebrity net worth, Miller’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be about nine million dollars.