Siri Now Reminds You to Call People in iOS 12


It has been a little while since iOS 12 started rolling out to everyone, and while the software brings more improvements mostly in the form of performance and reliability of your iPhone, there’re a bunch of other new features in there as well. Among these is a new feature in ‘Siri Suggestions’ which reminds the user to call people based on your habits, this is thanks to on-device machine learning.

Call People Usually Call and Call Back People You Have Missed Calls From

This new feature is pretty useful for anyone using an iPhone. Siri now analyses your calling habits and tries to figure out patterns on who you can call and when to call. So, if you call your best friend in the morning, or your parents in the evening, or maybe your significant other every day during your lunch break, Siri will learn this and then give you a suggested action to call the person during that exact time. So, in the morning you may see a Siri Suggestion to call your parents, and in the evening you may see a suggestion to call your best friend, so on and forth. it is pretty handy, and since its Siri Suggestions, it is always just a swipe away.

Other than that, Siri also reminds you to call people back, people you have missed calls from. This will start when you have missed a call or declined a call from someone. Soon after, Siri will show up a ‘Siri Suggestion’ to call the person back. Now, to be fair, this can be both good and bad, depending on how many spams calls you get, because calling back a spam caller is a bad idea; but if you have missed a call from someone familiar, this feature is pretty cool as well. I don’t get much of spam calls, so while i was testing out this feature, this was God sent for me, but your experience may vary.

It is On-Device Machine Learning, your Data is Your Data

The moment i typed “Siri will learn this, and will give a suggestion to call someone during that time,” i could visualise a lot of people getting worried about Apple having access to their calling history and their calling habits. However, Apple lays a significant importance on your privacy, and the Tech giant does all this machine learning stuffs on your phone, so no, Apple doesn’t know who you call and how often; all that Machine Learning magic is happening on your iPhone, and it remains on your iPhone so there is nothing to worry about.

That being said, if you are using an iPhone with the latest iOS 12 running on it, you can make use of Siri’s new smarts to get reminded to respond to missed calls, or call people with just a swipe down on the home screen. It is a very significant feature and one that will come in handy for sure.


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