Sitophilia: Sexual Arousal Through Food


Some people with fetish for food go to the extent of being sexually aroused or satisfied by it, though in the mythical sense proves extremist love for it.

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If you use fruits (e.g bananas), vegetable (e.g cucumbers) and processed food (e.g sausages, and hot dogs) for the females, and anything with the hole of a right size drilled on it for males, then you practice sitophilia.

Your day to day activity does have a name believe it or not.

A few definitions of Sitophilia:

Sitophilia refers to sexual arousal or gratification achieved through the use of food

-Right Diagnosis

Sexual arousal through food

-Urban Dictionary

A form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food.


This is often considered by some people as a medical disorder, maybe because they either live under a rock or never heard of the word masturbation.

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As an ailment, it has two symptoms:

  1. Sexual arousal from eating food from another person’s body
  2. Sexual interest in using food for sexual gratification or arousal

If the condition becomes too problematic for the person in some way, or they come under scrutiny of the law, and become coerced to address their condition.

It is best to learn to accept your fetish and manage to achieve gratification in the appropriate manner. Other general treatments may include psychotherapy.

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