Six Essential Tips for Developing a Great Mobile Application


Hundreds of mobile applications are uploaded daily on app stores and hundreds of them disappear daily from app stores. Mobile marketplace has expanded, and if your app fails to entice users, then it is going to perish just like any other ordinary app. So, if you are thinking of making a fortune with mobile application development, then you must pay attention to the key points. Here are few tips that will help you to create high-quality mobile application.

Developing a Great Mobile Application

 Things to Know before developing a Great Mobile Application.

Professional Mobile Application Development

Know Your Audience

The fate of a mobile application is decided by end users. If they like it, it’s a hit. Knowing your audience is the very first step towards successful mobile app development. Study the demographics and try to understand the usage patterns. For example, if you are building a gaming app, then invest your time in finding which game genres are more popular.

If you are building games for teenagers, then find out whether they are more interested in racing games or puzzles. Filter your results and stick to the needs of your target audience. This will certainly give an extra edge to your mobile application.

Consider All Top Platforms

It would be a blunder if you’re just considering iOS and Android for your app. Undoubtedly, these two have maintained their grip on mobile market, but BlackBerry and Windows 8 are also in use. If you need to reach every use, then you cannot leave out any of the top platforms. You now have the option of cross-platform development that can help you create one app for all platforms.

Focus on Usability

Usability is one of the key elements of successful app development. Mobile applications are meant to carry out specific tasks, and it is important that your application carries out its task properly. Focus on usability as that will make your application more useful. If you have hired application developers, then be clear in delivering your requirements. This will help the development team to be more specific and accurate in designing its features resulting in better usability.

Keep the UI Simple

Again and again, experts ask developers to make the UI simple and intuitive. Mobile users are accustomed to highly functional yet well-designed applications. Also, remember that the app will behave differently in Android devices and in iOS devices. Therefore, paying attention to UI becomes more important when your app is being developed for different platforms.

Testing is Vital

Testing is vital and should be done at each stage of development. Testing your app after each phase would ensure that the end product is free of bugs and errors. There are many developers who skip the initial testing phases, which is why most of them fail to deliver quality end products. Also, after app development is over, test it on as many mobile devices as possible under as many situations as possible. After all the hard work you’ve done, the last thing you want is users complaining about random crashes.

 Start Working on Updates

This is a big reason why most ordinary apps fail to stay in the race. Updates are important for sustenance of applications. During development of mobile application, identify the areas which can undergo further improvement and start working on those areas. For example, if you feel that your app can accommodate one more function, then make it available in the next update. You can also include fresh themes and designs in new updates. Your users will be glad to get new look and feel for the applications along with few extra functions.

Working on a mobile application requires proper planning along with execution. Lots of things need to be included and a lot more should be left out. So, if you are a mobile developer building an app on your own, you must take help from more experience friends and colleague. And, if you are a small business or a large business organization, it is best to hire expert mobile developers who can understand your app concept and create an intuitive and functional app from it.


  1. *Mobile apps much be new and innovative

    * make it more advance and
    *its become more social and people like it
    *and its feature a unifies and user like it

  2. Today, technology has been advanced and so innovative ideas can lead the market. You must have a new idea or a better idea 😀
    For example if you want are thiknig to develop an application and don’t know what type of application to develop. Reseach about your rough ideas in different neighbour countries via search engines and select one which is growing very fast in the neighbourhood countries.
    Change the shape of that idea according to you and follow the instructions you have given about app development. I am sure that will be a stunning application and will hit the market hard.

  3. A complete package you have introudced in your article to start an application development. The main point to keep UI simple is another good idea. I will recomment to design a responsive app 🙂
    A good developer is a good thinker and creator who brings innovative ideas. In my view, you are no less than an app developer because you have given useful tips for newbies to know before they start app development 🙂 Thank you Felix.


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