Six Practical Steps to Be an Attractive Guy

Attractive Guy

There are guys born with the Greek god physic, and there are “us” that have to work hard to get it.

Well, The excellent news about six practical steps to be an attractive guy is not entirely about beauty and good looks. It has a lot to do with your attitude, like how you treat people and how you handle yourself in certain situations.

Have you ever met an attractive person but after a conversation with them you happen to resent everything about them?

In the same light, some undesirable traits make people unattractive. The sad thing is most people don’t even know they have these traits.

Below are six common traits you have to get rid of to be attracted to people;

1. Don’t be a wimp

The most unattractive trait a person can have is a lack of courage. If you have ever wondered why girls avoid you like the plague, you have your answer; it’s most likely because you are a wimp.

Dude no trait could make you any less attractive than this. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

This doesn’t mean you should always start fights. Be brave but not pugnacious and quarrelsome

2. Be successful

I know what’s on your mind… That’s not it. Being successful doesn’t mean you need a fancy car and a luxurious life (well that helps too, but I promise you it won’t get you real friends. Just a bunch of groupies). Whatever you do strive to be outstanding at it.

The fact is nobody likes a loser that sleeps all day. Get a life, man!!!

3. Stop overreacting

No one likes a whining, nagging man-baby. Dude!!! Get hold of your emotions. Say what you mean but don’t make a big deal about it.

No one wants to sit and listen to you complain about unnecessary shit. Not even your mama.

4. Be a bad guy

Hold it there!! I’m not saying you should get a gun and rob a bank (that is just dumb!), neither am I telling you should become a jerk or get piecing and tattoo your skin hell no!!! not even close.

It’s all about the bad boy attitude. Learn to say “no”; you should carry the mindset that you must not please everyone, don’t say more than you need to, don’t inconvenience yourself to please others.

Don’t get me wrong, and I’m not saying you should be a jerk. No one likes jerks. Being a bad guy is all about you, not giving a hoot what other people think unless you need to.

Hold yourself to a high standard. Like they say good boys will go to heaven, but bad boys will bring heaven to you.

Being a bad boy means you never fold, you stand on what you believe, and your principles even if you stand alone.

5. Stop giving into peer pressure

Don’t ever let me hear that you stopped doing something you love just because some person has an issue with it. Dude is your bloody life live it, man!!!.

Don’t change to fit in. You weren’t made to fit in. Get a hold of yourself. If you hate partying don’t go out, if you hate sport; don’t let anyone force you. Do what you love.

6. Don’t dress up but look your best every time

Don’t dress to impress anyone. Just look your best, take care of your skin, get excellent products, get a good haircut.

And you will be surprised by how much more attractive you will look.

In conclusion, one of the six practical steps to be an attractive guy is you do not have to impress people to be attractive, just be yourself.

You should never try to impress everyone. Be yourself and the right people will be attracted to you.

What else do you think makes guys unattractive? Tell us in the comment section.

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