SizeGenetics Review – Effective Penis Enlargement‎


I was having problem satisfying my sexual partners and I actually saw it as a big problem. A friend recommended me to SizeGenetics. I did not believe him because he recommended it; I decided to find out the truth before I concede to use it. To satisfy my conscience,

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I decided to read reviews of the product on the internet. Because of the positive reviews I read on it, I was motivated to use it. I have been using it for the past one year, and I am satisfied with the performance and that is why I am bold to review and recommend it to anybody who faced the same problem.

If you want to use SizeGenetics, I encourage you because it works as advertised. The problem I had was a small penis. It increases the length and size of my penis after a few months of using it. Apart from that, there are other things it can do for you and they include the following:

It can correct penile curvature assuming you are suffering from that problem, it can effectively correct it. Secondly, be sure that if you have a small size penis that it can increase the length significantly and you would be happy with the outcome.

It could increase the girth as well, and it is going to boost and improve your sex life again. You should not be afraid to use it, because it is safe to use it.

Why I recommend SizeGenetics

I observed that the product is not new unlike similar products on the market. This product has been in the market for more than a decade. It is able to exist for such a long period because people have great confidence in the product, otherwise it would have folded a long time ago.

It is indeed the best and the most trusted penis enlargement product that you can lay your hands on the market today. This is because it is safe to use.

Moreover, the product is endorsed by health professionals including plastic surgeons, medical doctors, and some of them have used the product to correct their erectile dysfunction problem. Because of the reputation, SizeGenetics is CE-Certified and it is recommended as the Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement device.

This clearly shows that it is safe to use. It is only a few penis extenders that are certified in the market, and this is the best among the few. CE is a reputable medical body and they specialize in identifying great medical devices that help solve medical and health challenges.

It is easy to use

I really like the investment I made in SizeGenetics because it boosted my self-confidence. You can use it without anybody knowing what you are doing, because you can simply hide it under your clothes, and nobody would observe you. It is more comfortable, and it is even more wearable than other penis extenders out there.

As I said, I am satisfied with the result. You should know that the product is not a miracle worker, and this means that you should not expect one hundred results immediately. This implies that you must give it time to work while you continue to wear it.

In my case, I started to see some additions to my penis within the first few months of using it. The result can vary depending on individuals. You should expect small additions and subsequent additions until it reaches to your desirable size.

If you like to wear it all day you can do it, but I only use mine about eight hours a day, and nobody would know what you are doing. It is very comfortable to use. I recommend it as the best way to increase penis size.

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The girth would increase as well. After a few months of using it, you would see that your penis would penetrate deep into your wife or girlfriend and the partner would be amazed.

If you want to be sure of the level of success you can take a picture of the penis size before you begin to apply the device, and you can measure after the application of the device to determine the wonders this extender can do your penis size.

Traction and comfort level while using the device

When you see the device, you may think it would not be possible to increase your penis, but when you begin to apply it, you would see how effective it is.

It uses MDA technology. Its addition, it has sixteen patented way comfort system. It would be comfortable in your body because you are going to use it with pads.

Moreover, you can use it with a rubber tube, or you can a bigger silicone strap. This can be used with gauze and padding. When all these things are there, the penis would be warm throughout the process.

When it is comfortable, it would be free from pain and pinch. Most importantly, it is going to stretch the penis until it attains the required length you want it to be.

The only challenge that you encounter while using the SizeGenetics is that it could slip out. This can occur when there is traction, and it can slip when it stretches the penis. To deal with the problem of slippage, you can hold it with a wider strap.

When you order the product, you would get all the packages and accessories that would stretch the penis for you. If you have a bent penis, you can use SizeGenetics to make it straight again.

After using it for the first few months, it would remedy the situation. It is going to increase your penis size irrespective of whether you wear it in angles or curves. You are going to achieve a positive result irrespective of how you use it.

It has a guide that would educate you on how to use it. The guide would teach you how use it for penis enlargement, as well as straightening of bent penis and so on.

Talking about training, I have told you that when you order SizeGenetics that you are going to get everything that you need to achieve the expected results. It includes such training programs like DVDs, as well as membership for penis health and some interesting penis fitness books.

These would guide you on lots of things such as how to control your blood flow, as well as Kegels and so on. It is a non-surgical procedure and I am strongly recommending it.