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i.Con Smart Condom: Sex in the Age of Data and Information

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What do you love the most about your sex life? Or, are you worried if it’s going good? Most men think about that one important thing when they are having sex – are they good in bed?

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Unless you are boasting of your capabilities to your friend, you really do not have an answer for this – until now, that is.

Now, things are going to get different, and in a very unique way. Just when you thought things can’t get any weirder, here comes a smart condom to provide deep insight about your sex life!

And you could make it to your house early next year – which means that it should be in your bucket list for next year!

i.Con – The Smart Condom

i.Con Smart CondomTo be honest, it is not really a condom. Released by UK based company British Condoms, it is a stretchable ring that sits around the base of the penis and records performance data during intercourse. And what heavenly insights can it generate?

Well for starters, it can register the number and speed of thrusts, duration of intercourse along with fitness statistics like calories burnt. The company is also running a beta program which tracks the sexual positions used over a period of time. There is also a LED which glows to warn if presence of certain STIs is detected.

How does i.Con Work?

The “i.Con” smart condom does all of these through sensors and Nano-chips embedded on the band which record the variables during sex. Users can access the data by pairing up their i.Con with the i.Con app through Bluetooth.

The data can be shared with friends or even with public if the user pleases. You can also compare the statistics with other i.Con users from all over the world. The company claims that they have already received 900,000 initial registrations for their product. That would surely give a huge database for the users to compare to!

i.Con Smart Condom- the Future of Sex?

i.Con sounds like the perfect Fitbit for sex! But there have been some criticisms and concern over the product too. Twitter called it the “spy condom” and there can be apprehension about the data privacy and safety.

According to the company, the band and app is encrypted end to end and users can anonymously share their data. But only time will tell if your bedroom statistics are safe and private indeed!

Another point raised by critics is the invasion of technology in something that remained safe from any intrusion till now from the information world. But now you will be able to measure sex and that makes it mechanical.

It’s All about Feeling Good

If you know just how you are faring in bed, you would be able to want to do better – or know where and what you want your partner to do. With the smart condom, all of it gets really easy.

The statistics also don’t take into account the human feelings or emotions and can turn sex into a sport. Soon we may see men comparing and bragging over their performance in bars and social media! Women would be more exposed to objectification and that wouldn’t certainly make this world a nice place!

The smart condom also focuses too much on the penile penetration more than anything, according to Cosmopolitan. It cuts out all the foreplay that leads to the intercourse.

Foreplay is also considered to be an important part of sex. So rather than providing statistics for holistic sexual life, it offers just some mechanical details.

We have to wait and see how the humans like their sex being turned into information and data. It is still an unexplored area and we cannot say anything for sure. But British Condom has high hopes for their product and the number of pre-registrations is also high!

The smart condom is priced at $74 and launches in January 2018. Have you thought about getting it yet?

Kingsley Felix
Blogger and Editor here on Healthtian and other Krafty Sprouts sites, I make sure things run smoothly as they should.

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