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Smartphones With Displays Made From Diamonds to Show Up in 2019

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Ones in a while we see amazing technologies show up out of the blue. This technology are the results of years upon years of idealization, imagination and expertise. When they show up like this, so many of them go ahead to set the trends for other brands to follow.

How would you love a smartphone that has a display made from Diamond? Cool right?

The newest smartphone technology I am going to show you in this post is a smartphone with a diamond display. Your elementary knowledge in science should have taught you that diamond is the strongest, hardest and one of the most adorable substances in the whole world, I don’t need to tell you the essence of trying to make a smartphone’s display out of Diamond.  It will produce displays that are stronger, harder and cleaner than anything you’ve seen on a smartphone before.

The technology is being developed by Akhan Semiconductor company which is a subsidiary of AKHAN Technologies, Inc run by Adam Khan and located in Japan. The technology is tipped to be released in 2019. The technology will result in smartphone displays that are six times stronger and ten times harder than the displays we have on smartphones today.


This technology, named Mirage Diamond Glass will be very different from any diamond you’ve seen on any jewellery before. This diamond will be lab-grown diamonds in a “nanocrystal” pattern to reduce the display’s tendency to crack. Additionally, the diamond glass display thus produced can be used together with screen coating such as Gorilla Glass to further protect the phone’s panel.

The technology is currently passing through what is known as industrial testing to make sure it’s working perfectly, efficiently and to eliminate any possibility of an event that might undermine the functionality of the technology ones it starts taking its place on smartphone displays; they are currently trying to figure out how to reduce device reflectance so that it’s easy to view the display when a user is under bright light.

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Akhan Semiconductor stated that when the technology is ready, that it will be working with only one manufacturer initially. This was an internal decision which was fueled by the idea that it will give the lucky OEM a unique feature to topple its competitors with thereby increasing the technology’s desirability.

In an update by CNET, they stated that the lucky OEM to implement Akhan’s diamond display technology wouldn’t be one of the bigger OEM’s like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG or Xiaomi but Akhan will pick a smaller and lesser known OEM, probably a struggling one.

Finally, this type of display would be very expensive considering how expensive diamond is, the smartphone that will finally deploy with it first will have to be very expensive and also require a very budget from the manufacturer to produce.

While Akhan probably has their own OEM in mind to give the privilege, I would like to see this technology first on a Nokia 2019 smartphone. What do you think?

Why would you want to use Diamond on your smartphone’s display?

Because screens split or form cracks when they accidentally fall off your hand or they can scratch after repeated drops and contact with everyday items like your keys. Diamond is one of the strongest substances on Earth. Using it together with other glass toppers like the Gorilla Glass or “regular”, unstrengthened glass will make them 6 times stronger and 10 times harder than they would be alone.

Diamonds can keep water from accidentally damaging your phone – Diamond crystal’s innate hardness also helps resist grime and water, so it won’t take up much water when your phone is mistakenly exposed to water.

Apart from strength and toughness being the only two of a diamond display’s promising properties. It can also help keep electronics 800 times cooler to the touch than the usual materials, both on the screen and at the semiconductor level. This will be a very big relieve because we’ve been suffering for a very long time using smartphones that heat up often.

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