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Instagram May Soon Let You Tag Friends in Videos

In 2003 Instagram introduced the photo-tagging feature, but now the Facebook-owned social media platform is now believed to be testing the same functionality in...

Instagram Introduces New ‘Parental Guide’ Section

The past few weeks have seen Instagram rolling out timely updates and new features for its platform on a regular basis. The popular image-sharing...

Twitter Now Allows Voice-Only Broadcasts

Twitter has launched an 'audio-only' broadcasting feature so now your followers can hear but not see you.The new feature which was announced on Friday...

Instagram Delving Into Ecommerce?

According to theverge, Instagram is building a standalone app called IG shopping as it aims to extend its influence in the e-commerce market.The Facebook...

Twitter Getting Threaded Replies and Status Indicators

Twitter has reportedly started working on two new features for the platform which will allow users to check other user’s status with a new...

Google Responds to Trump’s Claims of Google Search Results Being Rigged

Google has denied claims that its search engine is "biased towards any political ideology" while responding to US President Donald Trump's accusations a few...

After Temporary Disappearance Facebook Finally Restores All Cross-Posted Tweets

After a known firestorm erupted over the sudden disappearance of all facebook timeline posts from twitter that were cross-published, the two tech companies have...

Guide on How to Get Your Profile Verified on Instagram

A few days ago Instagram took measures to secure further its billion user-strong platform, where it has finally decided to give its users the...
Google Minis

Google takes on Snapchat BitMoji with New Google Minis

Emojis are cool and makes conversations more interesting and having a custom emoji makes everything more interesting.Google knows this as it has now introduced...

Suspicious Activities: Twitter Suspends 486 More Accounts Linked to Iran and Russia

After the suspension of 284 accounts originating in Russia and Iran, Twitter on Tuesday announced it has cracked down on additional 486 such accounts...