Spotify Will Soon Let You Import Songs from Internal Storage on Android


Spotify’s library of songs is enormous, but if you still feel some of your favourite songs are not in your Spotify library and you have to play them on another app from your local storage, well, a solution is coming soon. Spotify is currently testing a new feature that will allow its users to import songs from their Android device and then add it to their Spotify playlist.

Christened ‘Import your music‘, the feature was spotted by Jane Mabchun Wong, who later shared screenshots explaining how the feature will work. ‘Add your music from this device‘, says the feature’s description in the Spotify app on Android.

spotify import songs
Image Courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

The feature which will prove to be quite helpful if you have a lot of songs that are stored on your local storage which are absent from Spotify’s library, or just not available in your region. As Wong mentioned in her tweet, the feature is currently going through the testing phase and there’s no word yet on when it will be rolled out to the public through the stable channel.

Image Courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

In addition to it. Spotify is also testing a redesigned view of the Library page and a few other features such as ‘Saved for later‘ and an automatic playlist creator for users’ favourite songs. The ‘Saved for later‘ feature will allow users to save a podcast episode in a separate ‘Saved for later’ folder which they can listen to any time.

Image Courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

The app is also testing a new page design for the Podcast page that will be less crowded and will show a separate page for describing a podcast’s particular episode. However, the episode description page will have a play and download button and also a share button too.

Image Courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

Presently, the podcast section of Spotify’s Android app opens a pop-up page which describes a particular episode when you click on any of the episodes that are listed on the page, but the pop-up pages don’t have a play button, and it has a different design.

Image Courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

The app is also testing an overhaul of the Library section and is also experimenting with a tool which will automatically organise your favourite songs into a separate playlist.


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