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Stranger threatens to bath Ex BBN house mate Cee-c in acid

Three months after the recent big brother Nigeria reality show, News of the former housemates still makes waves. Even though compared to the other ex-big brother housemates, the beautiful Cee-c didn’t get much out of the show; it appears that she had had the hardest time living outside the big brother house since after the reality tv program.

Although it seems Cee-c was able to gather for herself some fans, it appears that she has more enemies than she can imagine.
Cee-cJust a few days ago, the ex-big brother housemate took to social media to tell the general about a particular threat from an unidentified non-fan. Which leaves us with the question; what exactly did Cee-c do wrong that is enough to attract so much hate from the public?

Cee-c’s behavior while in the big brother house was met with varying reactions and uproar from the viewer of the 85days long show. Cee-c seemed to have been the most controversial housemate in the BB house and the mental picture of her character while in the house still lingers in the minds of the viewers that people often forget that she came second place. Some people say that Cee-c’s behavior is as a result of the kind of childhood experiences she had and deep down she is a lovely person.

In a conversation with Rico Swavey, Cee-c gave a little insight into her childhood experiences that shaped her character wise and even in her choice of career. Cynthia Nwadiora told Rico that she had always been dramatic and she never wanted anything more than to live a life of drama through an acting career. Cynthia claims to have been beaten severally by her parents while growing up especially whenever she featured in a play at school.

The actress claimed that she stuck to her dreams regardless of the adverse reaction from her parents and the best thing that ever happened to her was quitting her job at a law firm to chase her dreams of being an actress. The ex BB housemate mentioned that the fame she wanted came to her quickly when she went into acting.

While Rico swavey’s point of view on a child’s success was that circumstances had a considerable role to play, Cee-c disagreed and said her parents didn’t do enough and most parents are terrible at parenting for not supporting their wards as they should when it comes to Career choices. She advised the parents of the 21st century to be nothing like their failed predecessors and give their children the gift of support in whatever they choose to venture into.

Furthermore, Tobi and Cee-c happened to have had some sort of chemistry earlier on the show and started dating. However, the love went sour at some point, and Tobi was caught on camera telling Teddy A that he was over his lover Cee-c for good. While Teddy A tried to make Tobi see reasons why there might be a chance for the lovebirds to work out their relationship, Cee-c was within earshot and had downloaded enough of the conversation between both guys.

This appeared to be the point where viewers began to see Cee-c as a bitter person because of how she handled the situation. Cynthia had tried to lure Teddy A away so she could give her ex-lover a piece of her mind but her trick failed, and she decided to take the bull by the horn.

Miss Nwadiora went straight ahead to call Tobi names and accused him of being a gossip who was seeking mass pity from the other big brother housemates. Tobi was full of shit according to his angered ex-lover, and she made he understand that she regretted that they ever crossed paths. Expecting Tobi to react to her drama and name-calling, the young lady who said Tobi was a public property which was incapable of handling her, was disappointed at his silence and self-control.

Cee-c called him a coward for refusing to play a role in the drama she had started. Tobi eventually took the courage to inform Cynthia that the ship had sailed and she was only successfully making a fool of herself.

Viewers of the show took to the social media to express their anger and disappointment, but the seemed that the more bitterness Cee-c displayed on the show, the more her fan base grew. A few facebook feminists saw the character of Cee-c as that of a woman who was strong and knew what she wanted, and some of them even went ahead to place bets that Cee-c would emerge the winner at the end of the show because of how popular her character had made her.

After the show, It was reported on social media that the controversial housemate had faced a series of threats and even physical attack at the airport when she arrived in Nigeria. While some people felt that the airport attack was taking the anger too far on the part of her non-fans, other people thought she deserved it and would learn to behave right after that. Cynthia was touched by the concern her fans showed and took to social media to assure them that she was safe and they had nothing to worry about.

One would think that after all the security threats and attacks on Cee-c’s character during and after the show, her life would come back to normal, and everyone would forget everything that had happened but that is not the case.

Just yesterday, Cee-c revealed on social media that a stranger had sent her a mail threatening to give her an acid bath to teach her a lesson. The sender of the mail accused the ex-big brother housemate of paying people to troll her Tobi and Alex on social media which was the reason for his or her anger. The unknown person went further to inform Cee-c that he or she knows where she stays and would not hesitate to bath her in acid when next their paths crossed. According to the angered person, Tobi had moved on and so should Cee-c. The acid bath which Cee-c was told to expect is meant to deform her face and not kill her so that her bitter fans would learn to stop trolling the other big brother housemates.

Cee-c’s safety is questionable at the moment, and it would be best if she got some form of protection from attacks as anything is possible with such threats in the air.

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