Survival Capsule: A Car To Help Escape Tsunami, Hurricane


After witnessing tsunami devastation in Japan which killed more than 16,000 people, Julian Sharpe, CEO of Survival Capsule, knew that we need personal safety system against Tsunami. Survival Capsule a concept two-seat shelter capsule designed to keep you safe during the disaster. It is hoped that we can see these capsules as common as we see cars parked outside or in garages, especially in coast areas where the risk of tsunami is pretty high. There are also larger capsules to house more than 6 people inside, it can be used as hospitals or hotels.

Survival Capsule feature bright, reddish orange color so that it can be easily spotted by helicopters or rescue vessels. Inside, you can find extra bottles of compressed air, food, medicine, fresh water, and other supplies. You can also add extra items in your emergency bag and throw it as you climb in and close the watertight door. It is also predicted that the ride would be violent, that’s why this capsule is equipped with go-kart style seats and harnesses to hold occupants in.

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