SwiftKey Keyboard goes free – with new themes, emoji and more


I am so happy today, just this morning got an email update from the swiftkey crew, and the most exciting part of the mail was that Swiftkey is now FREE. Swiftkey is one of the best third party keyboards available for android users on their mobile and tablet device. Below are some of the features of the new swiftkey update and I think that you would love it.

SwiftKey keyboard

The top features of today’s major update include:

• SwiftKey Store –

A place for you to customize your keyboard with great new add-ons! The store is stocked with more than 30 new free and premium themes and will be regularly added to the store.

• New default theme –

A crisp new default theme in SwiftKey, ‘Nickel’ (because it’s based on the original Cobalt theme, and, well, Nickel is next in the periodic table). This is in addition to all the other new themes you’ll find in the SwiftKey Store.

• Emoji –

Choose from over 800 emoji as you type, just a tap away from the regular keyboard. Tap the smiley in chat and messaging apps or long press the return key in other apps and away you go. Emoji are only available on devices running Android 4.1 or above.

• Emoji prediction –

Let SwiftKey predict and suggest the emoji that matter most to you! SwiftKey’s learning engine remembers the context that you use emoji in and will also predict emoji as you type relevant words.

• Improved prediction engine –

Better capitalization awareness in predictions and updated technology’s overall learning ability, which is good for everyone using swiftkey.

• New languages –

Swiftkey now support 66 languages at a contextual level, which is awesome because it means more people worldwide can benefit from using SwiftKey. The new languages include Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh.
To learn more about these features and how they work, check out the short How-To video guides here.


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