Sylvester Stallone Is Back for Rambo 5

After spending his life shedding blood across the world – Vietnam, the U.S., Afghanistan, Thailand, Burma – you might forgive old John J. Rambo for following a peaceful path as a rancher, working the land in Arizona. Why not? He deserves a break from violence, and besides, he looks great in cowboy duds.

But action franchises gotta action franchise, and action heroes gotta save the day, so heres Rambo V , the fifth chapter in the Rambo movie series, engineering an excuse to get John back into fighting shape once more. Heroes deserve a proper retirement, but American moviegoers cant let our nostalgic faves take a break.

The release date is September 20, 2019 .

The film studio behind the movie, Lionsgate, confirmed that the last (?) chapter of the Rambo series will hit theaters later this year.

For Rambo fans, or all-around Sylvester Stallone fans, the recent spate of Rambo 5 news may come as a shock. Having spent the better part of the last two decades trading on his ’80s action star image – appearing in the Expendables films, Bullet to the Head, Escape Plan, and 2008s Rambo – Stallone circled back toward respectability in 2015s Creed, reprising his most famous role, Rocky Balboa, in Ryan Cooglers Rocky spin-off (and sequel to 2006s Rocky Balboa). Creed earned Stallone his third Academy Award nomination, his first since the original Rocky in 1976; youd maybe expect him to try for a fourth by sticking with Rocky as he shuffles through the late stages of his career.

Who’s in the Rambo 5 cast?

Paz Vega plays the journalist; Yvette Monreal plays her half-sister; Adriana Barraza plays Maria; Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays the vicious crime lord. Adrian Grunberg will direct.

Further specifics arent yet available, though we have these behind-the-scenes photos from Stallones Instagram feed to make up for that.

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Tonight we start filming…!

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… Comes a Horseman Wild and Free. @rambomovie #rambo5

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Rambo’s man cave…@rambomovie #rambo5

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How will Rambo 5 stack up?

The basic structure of Rambo V is perfectly Rambo, and the choice in villain is perfectly American action film, because American action films have a way of picking heavies based on whatever foreign countries the U.S. has political friction with at the time of production.

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