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T-billz Reacts to Comment on Tiwa Savage and Wizzy’s Relationship

Recently there has been a lot of fuss about the nature of the relationship between Tiwa Savage and star boy Wizzy. The duo has been seen on several occasions engaging in some public display of affection that suggests that they have something beyond mare friendship going on for them. One of the recent events that made their audience and fans lift eyebrows was when Star boy Wizzy told the My darling crooner to stay sexy for daddy during a live performance.

The video of the performance went viral, and fans didn’t welcome it as just an ordinary shower of praises between both music celebrities.
Tiwa SavageBefore the suspicion of a relationship between both singers started, Tiwa Savage had been in a not so much of a fairytale marriage with her husband T-billz. Some time ago, there was a rumour that mother of one had been a secret lover to her boss Don baba J.

Before the air could be cleared of that piece of information, Tiwa savage had fallen head over heels in love with the father of her son and they tied the knot to seal the deal.  However, all sweetness went sour in 2016 When Tunji Balogun AKA T-Billz attempted suicide on the third mainland bridge in Lagos due to their marital crisis. He had listed some reasons why he took action and infidelity on the part of Tiwa Savage was one of them.

However, Tiwa took her time to make a 45 mins long video to clear her name and also list her reasons for being tired of the man she was married to.

Thankfully, with the help of friends like Banky W, the Father of Jamal and husband of Mavin’s First lady escaped death. One would have thought the interference of friends in the marital issues between Tunji and Tiwa would help things take a turn for the better, but it appeared the couple still could not tolerate each other.

It was apparent when T-Billz took to social media to inform the public that his marriage was far from fixing itself but he was happy that he saw life from a different perspective because his life coach had done an excellent job. His judgement and reactions to life occurrences were now geared towards positivity and Suicide would never be an option a second time.

Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband entertained the social media world with their battle of words after that, and it further confirmed that they both were never a perfect match and the only love connection between them was the one they shared with their charming little son Jamal Balogun.

However, Tiwa Savage allegedly filed for divorce earlier this year citing “unsolvable issues” as the reason why she wanted out. Although the Singer is yet to deny or confirm the rumour, it is assumed that the lovey-dovey attitude between herself and wizkid is a confirmation that T-bills is an old story.

Fans do not seem to like the idea of a romantic relationship between both singers for many reasons.

1. Tiwa Savage is way older than star boy Wizzy and could easily pass for an aunt to him.
2. Wizzy has baby mamas, and he has to focus on taking responsibility for his kids since he isn’t ready to tie the knot anytime soon according to him
3. Tiwa Savage has to find a way to fix her marriage with T-Billz since she is yet to confirm that she filed for a divorce.

This rage about Wizkid towing the wrong lane led to the comment from a concerned fan of T-bills and Tiwa that brought out a few words from T-bills a few days ago.

Tiwa appeared to have gushed over Instagram posts of her estranged husbands work out body and the duo seemed to display some romance on social media as a result of the post made by T-bills. The fan in question said that he could see that deep T-billz still had love in his eyes for Tiwa Savage, and he wished that “small boy” Wizzy would leave T-Billz’s wife alone. T-Billz seemed to be in a comical mood as he replied the commenter by saying that he (the commenter) had microscopic eyes.

I guess Both Tiwa and her baby daddy are waiting for the right time to feed us with fresh information concerning their failing or failed marriage. Till then, we die here.

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