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How You Can Play FortNite on Your Android Device For Free?

Fortnite is what the cool kids are playing these days, so if you are an adult but curious to check out what all the fuss is all about then saddle up. But if you...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Still Second To iPhone X?

Samsung has released their 2018 flagship device, the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 9 and as expected, the comparison between the Samsung brand and Apple's iPhone will rage on till the next series of the iPhone...
Antutu July Index

Checkout The Top 10 Best Smartphones for The Month of July

Antutu, the benchmark kings has released the list for the best performing phones for the month of July. You wouldn't believe which phones occupied the top 3 positions! Find out now
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You Can Now Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The big day is almost upon us as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will soon be launched. The company's upcoming IFA conference on August 9 will present an opportunity for them to unveil the...
Wireless Charger

Samsung’s Upcoming Wireless Charger Will Juice up Two Devices at Once

A report has it that Samsung is planning to release a charger that can be able to charge two phones at once that is, a two-in-one charger for its upcoming galaxy watch and smartphones....

LG Joins List Of Those Trying To Make Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones have been in the news for some time now, and from the looks of things, it may soon be a thing. Samsung has been rumored to be building a foldable screen as...
Fingerprint Technology

10 Mobile Phones Using Fingerprint Technology

We are in the 21st century where technology is at its best and it’s improving with each dawn. With that in mind, experts are working day and night to ensure that they improve the...
Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications and Features

Pending August 9 when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will be launched, more details are being revealed as the specifications start to leak. A well-known Veteran in the Samsung smartphone business Eldar Murtazin...
Qi Wireless Charging

What Is Qi Wireless Charging Technology? And How Does It Work?

Qi wireless charging is the most standard wireless charging technology. The system is currently being adopted on a wider scale. The charging system relies on a pad styled charging. It involves an electromagnetic and...
Facial Recognition Technology

5 + 1 Phones with Best Facial Recognition Technology

We’ve got so much on our minds that we often forget passwords and screen lock patterns of our mobile phones. Why not buy a smartphone with facial recognition technology? It is so much more...