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Google Lens

Google Lens Is Moving Into the Camera App and Gaining New Features

Google has come out with a new version of Google Lens in beta, the company announced at its annual developer conference today. The new version will be built inside the camera app, instead of...
Glabella Smart Glasses

Microsoft Developing New Version of BP-Monitoring Glabella Smart Glasses

Microsoft is working on the next version of its smart glasses, called Glabella, it can function as a cuff-less, wearable and unobtrusive blood pressure measuring device, according to the latest report. The device which incorporates...

What is a Smart TV?

In the current times, when all the gadgets are now available in their ‘smarter’ version like smartphones, smartwatches etc., why should everyone’s favorite television set remain behind. The ‘idiot box’ is not so ‘idiot’...

Top Trending Products on Amazon Right Now

Are you looking for amazing tech products to rock this Easter?  Amazon has a terrific lineup of products ranging from cool tablets and streaming devices to smart speakers. So, get your credit card ready...
Smart Home

What Is Smart Home Technology? All You Need to Know

It’ll be hard to look around and find a person who didn’t forget to turn off the light and hit the bed, at least once. Or forgot to turn the microwave off, cause you...
Virtual Reality

5 Ways by Which Virtual Reality Is Changing the World

Technology is changing our lives in the present day world, it is making our life simpler and comfortable. Now we can basically get anything just by the click of our finger tips. Technological advancements...

How Far Can You Fly a Drone?

Everyone knows drones are the new cool thing; every tech whiz you meet is talking about one latest drone or the other. However, do you really know much about drones? How far can you...
Hamilton Beach food processor

Top Kitchen Appliances Available on Amazon

Attention shoppers, if you are looking for the best kitchen appliances and for the best deals check out this list before any purchase. You know every home isn’t complete without a well-equipped kitchen, after...

Why Should You Get a Smart TV?

Wondering whether a smart TV is what you should go for? Worried that it may not be as useful as you would want it to be for you? Don’t worry - we have got...
Google home max

Google Home Max Review

Cortana has surely made the world far easier to live. Without having to type, you can put instructions to it just the way you like. You could ask it about the weather. Or to...