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Classic Comeback? Tecno L5 Coming After Phantom 5 Backlash


Tecno mobile used to be the heartthrob of many Nigerians, probably because of the ‘affordability’ they brought along with their products and the monopoly they had in the realm then, all that has changed as now there’s a key competition for the heart of the Nigerian mobile users and Tecno sadly is currently battling on 3rd place as Infinix mobility and Innjoo Mobile have currently over-thrown the coy.

Tecno L5 price

After the launch of the Tecno Phantom 5 which was Tecno’s big move to leap into the league of premium mobile manufacturers offering ‘high-end’, and thus expensive mobile phones, Nigerian mobile users went agog and ‘whole-heartedly’ criticized the coy for offering an overly priced device with modest specs, citing various examples of cheaper alternatives with better or similar specs. Fast forward to November, we have authoritative info to suggest Tecno is seeking to leap into the hearts of Nigerians once more with a new device called Tecno L5.

According to the info, Tecno L5 is a 4.5 inch IPS touch screen display smartphone with resolutions of 720p. The device is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core processor on a MediaTek chipset, and utilized by 1GB RAM. The internal memory of the device is said to be an 8GB storage, and thankfully expandable via a microSD card up to 64GB.

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Additional features included includes Tecno’s scintillating Boom player found in their music devices – J7, and J5. There are dual cameras – 5MP and 2MP shooters, main and selfie snappers if you’re into photography. The selling point of the device is definitely the huge 5,000mAh capacity battery tucked in – and interestingly, it’s not removable.

Did we forget to say Tecno L5 boots Android 5.1 Lollipop? Well, it does, but don’t expect Marshmallow 6.0 like EVER!

Like should be expected, this is a budget device like other ‘cheap tecno phones’, so we are expecting a ‘budget price’, say anything from 15,000 Naira (or less) but not more than 18,000 Naira, after all, it’s a come back, isn’t it?!

  1. Tolu says

    Yeah this will definitely do it. Nigerians love free and cheap stuff.

    1. Uche Charles says


  2. Wande says

    This phone will likely please a lot of people but i wish we got more functions like a bigger storage perhaps

    1. Uche Charles says

      Well, that’s why it’s a low range Android I guess.

    2. snehgang says

      It uses up to 128gb men card

  3. XhakaJavier says

    Tecno isn’t a bad product, i think the prices are affordable and the products aren’t lesser than quality, Moreover this is the perfect time to get this kind of phone since Nepa have decided to be childish.

    1. Uche Charles says

      True. PHCN are making life pretty difficult these days, a device like this could be a life saver.

  4. showlaw says

    5000mah battery… thats not bad

  5. onekindaguy says

    whats the price?

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      should be around 20k

  6. omoalajah says

    The longetivity of the battery life of Tecno L5 is a plus

  7. AlabiKolade says

    This would probably end the use of power bank, it charges another phone too, are you kidding me?

  8. AdelekeDavid says

    Super… Awesome and Amazing phone cause you can do all you want like surf at the internet, take picture with high quality camera and you can also have a long time of enjoying your day cos of the battery

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