Tee Billz Ask for Proof of Sexual Relationship Between Wizzy and His Ex-wife

There’s been rumours of a sexual or romantic relationship between Wizkid and Singer Tiwa Savage. People have talked about how the singers ex-husband ought to have come up with reactions to express anger or disappointment as regards the matter, but Tee Billz has been silent all these while.

Finally, Tee Billz has decided to face the rumours and set the record straight. The producer said that singer Wizkid was his younger one and would never do a thing like what he has been accused of. He added that he has Savage have their differences but it will never make her sleep with Wizkid especially because of her respect for her child. Tee Billz added that if anyone had evidence of a sexual relationship between both singers, they should come forward with it.

Whether you like it or not Ayo is my little brother and he knows not to cross me on blood Gang. We don’t play that shit on 400 blocks! That’s my little Nigga.

“My Big Homie Sauce kid aka Sinzu guaranteed me on that even though he’s my blood.  and Mr Capable Banky W is my blood! ……… I’m just saying this to the general public that tends to come at me on some disrespectful Shit!!!

“For your information! Thank you Titi for respecting me! your opinions on her and my lil bro (Wizkid) is bullshit! Don Jazzy will never allow that!

“Tiwa gets mad me at me but she will never put me down! So F*CK your opinion @tiwasavage @wizkidayo keep giving us that vibe Musically. It’s all Entertainment and Style.

Tiwa had earlier talked about how she copes with all the stories people have made up about her relationship with Wizzy during a radio interview. Savage said  “We are friends definitely. To be honest, Ihave been in this industry for a long time, I have grown a thick skin so comments like that, genuinely, honestly don’t bother me that much. I am kinda used to it. Today is humblesmith, tomorrow it’s Wiz, it’s just what it is, its part of the job”