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The Best Films of 2019 That Are Available for Download

2019 is only four months gone, and we have seen some of the most amazing movies already. Disney and Marvel are not letting us get off our seats as they dish out amazing films in the coming months. We await films like Avengers: the endgame, The toy story 4, Dumbo: the lion king, Joker, and not to forget Tarantino’s new film titled once upon a time in Hollywood plus literary adaptions like Little Woman.

All these are great films, but we are focusing strictly on the movies that are already available for download so that we can save you a few bucks off cinema tickets for the year. The movies featured here are upcoming movies for 2019, and you can find them on movie download sites like 123movies.

1. The favourite

It was only but a matter of time before Hollywood’s conquest by Yorgos Lanthimos, the enfant terrible of Greek cinema. More austere and calm than his previous works The Sacrifice of a Sacred Deer (2017) and Lobster (2015), but possessing his very unique sense of macabre humour, Yorgos thrills seem entertains his audience with his satirical and historical film about the respected queen of England.

Perfect and professional acting done by Olivia Colman as she shines in all her glory, and a stellar performance by the Stone / Weisz duo as they show us what villainy truly is.

2. The green book

This movie is a must watch for movie lovers, especially those who have a knack for binging on true-life stories. This movie as you can tell from what I already pointed out, is based on real events and is co-written by the son of the protagonist. According to the Oscar’s, this movie by Peter Farley is the best film of 2019.

The critics and audience couldn’t agree less as it meets all the expectations anyone would have from a movie of its kind. This is a road film about friendship starring Viggo Mortensen who plays the character Tony Vallelonga. Tony in this movie is an Italian-American nightclub bouncer who has a terrible temper and got hired in 1962 by Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali). Tony’s job was to protect and drive Soon Shirley on a concert tour through the southern part of America that was highly segregated.

3. Glass

This movie is a sequel to “split” and “unbreakable” by M. Night Shyamalan. “Glass” continues in the footsteps of David Dunn (played by Bruce Willis) in his search for the figure of “The beast” which is superhuman. Elijah Prince (Samuel L Jackson) knew the secret of both, and that made him a key figure in this film. The director did a great job to neatly combine both prequels to make such an amazing story delivery in “Glass”.

Get ready to enjoy the incredible acting by Bruce Willis who is the regular superhero we know and love, and the brilliant performance by James McAvoy who plays the schizophrenic antihero. Samuel L Jackson shows us how perverse brain works as he tries to hatch a plan to bring new superheroes to life from inside a mental institution.

4. The Mule

The mule is a movie by Clint Eastwood, in which he also stars and directed. This film is based on a real-life story of an octogenarian who became a drug mule and transported alarming amounts of cocaine for a Mexican drug cartel. What you will get is seen gripping and rich grown-up drama.

Some of the cast in this film include Dianne Wiest, Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia, and Laurence Fishburne. You’ll also get to enjoy some of Clint Eastwood’s preferred themes throughout his fantastic career which include forgiveness, regrets, and immortality.

5. Us

If you’ve been in search of a movie to keep you on your toes and have you jumping in fear, this is the Perfect movie for you in the year 2019. You saw Jordan Peele’s “Let me out” in 2017, and you were impressed, this time she’s back with a terrifying film that will keep your heart beating fast.

Adelaide Wilson is a simple woman who decides to come back to her childhood home on the coast with her family for an idyllic summer getaway. As dusk emerges, the Wilson Family notices a silhouette of for figures at the entrance of their home holding hands. In “US” you get to see how this American family is confronted by an enemy that is not only scary but unusual.

6. Pain and Glory


Dolor y Gloria (Pain and glory) is an upcoming movie from the famous Spanish director Pedro Almodovar featuring Spanish stars Penelope Cruise and Antonio Banderas. This film is a story of a film director, Salvador Mallo, who has bridges of the Twilight of his movie directing career but hasn’t written a script in several years.

In this movie, you will see the physical and emotional decadence experienced by Salvador Mallo, as well as some of his memories from the past. The film takes you in a journey with Mallo through his childhood years, the first sexual desire he ever had, Mallo’s first adult love -already in Madrid in the 1980s, and the hurt of letting that love die, When writing movie scripts was the only way to drive the pain away.

Here we learn about the life creativity brings, and the challenges of detaching it from one’s life, when writing scripts was the only way to let go of the pain. As Salvador travels back into the past in thoughts, he realises how going back to script writing just might be the only way to recover in the present and enjoy the future.

7. Captain Marvel

The Marvel cinematic universe has shown us plenty of beautiful superheroes with amazing abilities. However, Captain Marvel is the first movie from Marvel with a female superhero and a female co-director and writer. These are good reasons why you should see this film, especially because when you give a woman a man’s job, she’ll put him out of business.

Carol Danvers, in this film, becomes one of strongest superheroes in the world as she takes on the responsibility of defending the earth when it is caught in the centre of a galactic war between two alien worlds.

Get Your popcorn, grab a seat, enjoy your films, and leave us a comment.

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