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Infographic: The Journey Of Sperm

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Is this the ultimate survival of the fittest? From the moment the sperm enters the vagina, it seems like it’s under attack from every possible angle.

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This is The Amazing Journey Of Sperm. Over 250 million start the race with only one surviving to penetrate the egg. You are one in 250 million! If it were any other sperm that got to the egg first, you wouldn’t be you.

Although the journey they undertake is only about 10 to 12 cm it is a treacherous one. Sperm are presented with hurdles and death at every turn, with only a few hundred getting as far as the Fallopian tube and only about one or two that ever get close enough to the egg to fertilize it.

Have a look at the infographic below to see how the journey of sperm unfolds in a fun and visual format.
The infographic was recently created by OvulationCalendar.com and it is based on the Journey Of Sperm by Professor Allan Pacey from Sheffield University. Professor Pacey is a world leading andrologist.

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