The Theory and Practice of Pixel Perfect

In today’s scenario, the demand for information and technology is rising at a faster rate. Almost every web designing and development company is using the innovative techniques to offer the more engaging and user-centric websites that can meet the needs of the site owners and the potential users.

Most of web design agencies have adopted new-age technologies to enhancing their productivity. And Pixel Perfect is one of the best Web design technology. In the web world, Pixel Perfect has become the prominent web design tool to offer you the clearer, cleaner and appealing websites. It has the ability to convert your visualization into reality.

Here, in this blog we will overview the theory and practice of Pixel Perfect and also try to find out the approach of customers towards it.

Pixel Perfect
What does Pixel Perfect Mean? What customers think about it?

If you want a pixel perfect design, then every pixel of a webpage is completely used that can offer clearest, cleanest and sharpest look.
But, we are living in the world where you can find different browsers and OS. Customers think that Pixel Perfect is a way to develop images and designs that look similar on different browsers.

Fact about Pixel Perfect

Many customers think that Pixel Perfect is the best method to make a scalable website that can look same on all browsers. Even though, the customers are not wrong about the theory of Pixel Perfect, but still it is quite difficult to achieve such perfection.

In order, to attain this, the team of developers needs to work hard and indulge more time in the development process. In fact, this would also affect your timeline and budget.

On the other hand, developers find worth to invest time in improving and upgrading the other elements of the website, instead of spending time in accurately making Pixel Perfect pages. You can improve the aspects like added features, User Interface that can boost up your Return on Investment.

Usually, Pixel Perfect is developed for one browser, and your web page design is then made compatible with the other necessary browsers. And the customer chooses a browser as per the operating system that has its own sets of forms, spacing, fonts, etc.

PSD (Photoshop Document) is one of the accepted image types in the web development world. It is an image that can open in a single format. However, there are assorted browsers that cannot display it in the same type. Therefore, it is necessary for the customers to understand that if a website is made Pixel perfect for one browser, then it might not appear same on the other browsers.

Therefore, you should have a web design that is created pixel perfect for the one browser and then make improvisations on it to make it adaptable for all the other browsers.

So, they should not understand this concept in the restricted manner and adopt it in the same way. However, over the years the significance of Pixel Perfect has been changed in theory and practice.


After reading these points mentioned in the post, you must have understood the actual connotation of Pixel Perfect. Now, you can give your web design and make it a Pixel Perfect for your chosen browser, and then make it compatible for other browsers.


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