Things You Should Not Buy at a Yard Sale

Family Garage Sale

Yard sales are a great place to buy things. If you select carefully, you can get a real bargain on a gently used products or on vintage items that would cost a mint somewhere else.

There are things that a parent should not buy at a yard or garage sale.

Baby things

Old cribs might not meet new safety regulation standards. The bars may be too far apart so baby can get his arms, legs, or head caught. There may be sharp decorative projections that baby could hurt himself on when he stands or tried to climb. The screws holding the springs in might not fit tightly anymore. There might even be invisible cracks in the structure that will cause the bed to break in the future. Safeguard your child by buying a new crib that meets all new standards.

Soft bedding can cause a suffocation hazard if your child gets twisted or caught in it. Pediatricians now recommend that babies sleep on a tightly fitted mattress without pillows, comforters, or other soft things. In cold climates or houses, they recommend putting a baby in a blanket sleeper to keep him warm.

Accordion style baby gates were accidents waiting to happen. Children climb on them and get hurt on the points or choke themselves when their necks get caught. It is better to buy the newer mesh gates that baby cannot climb.

Used pacifiers and teething rings are just nasty. Some people even buy teething rings for their dogs to chew. You would not want one of those, either. For your peace of mind and your baby’s health and safety, buy new ones for your little one. You can also suggest them as inexpensive gift items if the budget is tight.

Other items

Small children can unzip a zipper bean bag and climb inside. They cannot breathe and cannot get back out easily. The “beans” also present a choking hazard.

Bike helmets save lives if your child falls or has an accident on a scooter, bike, skates, or any other wheelie toys. It is tempting to save money by getting helmets at a yard sale. The trouble with that is that you cannot see any former damage that may have occurred when someone dropped the helmet or wore it in a collision.

Mattresses are another bad buy at a yard sale. You could be paying for a bed bug problem that is hard to get rid of. Stains, mold, and odors are a real possibility also. It is better to get a new mattresses that no one ever slept on before.

Resist the temptation to compromise your family’s safety by buying these items at a yard sale. There are many ways to save on new things. Some companies sell new unclaimed freight and abandoned products at a fraction of the cost. Also investigate outlet stores in your area.

Google and see what is available where you live. Shop smart and keep your family safe.

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