This May Be Why Your iPhone Battery Is Draining


Apple recently launched the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR and while many smartphone lovers are breaking the bank to afford the device, some old users are left feeling grumpy.

To some of them, their phone’s battery no longer last and they feel it is a marketing ploy to get them to get the new Apple devices.

This issue is common amongst users who have upgraded their devices to the latest iOS 12 as they take to Twitter to register their discontent

iPhone Battery Complaints

But to be sincere, the issue is mainly due to the OS upgrade. iPhones usually arranges files and apps in indexes so as to keep the phone organised and quickly accessible.

A major OS update thus replaces some obstinate codes and also adds thousands and millions more which changes lots of things. The phone will have to re-organise all the files and apps and this process puts more stress on the processor which in turn drains the battery as it tries to get the power needed.

The good news is that this only lasts around 48 hours and the phone’s battery will be back to normal in two days.

Also, turning on the auto-update of apps will also drain your battery as developers are updating their apps to support the new operating system. Your phone will in turn run these updates in the background and this additional process drains the battery.


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