What the Soon to be launched Tecno Phantom 5 Looks like (Photos)


It’s been buzzing round the internet that Tecno Phantom 5 aka the next phantom is coming. We already have a post detailing on it’s September 16th (tomorrow) launch. The device which is the sequel to last year’s flagship Tecno Phantom Z is expected to out perform it’s predecessor in sales and thus has a few tricks up it’s sleeves.

Tecno Phantom 5

We got to see a few pictures before the official launch event tomorrow (credits: TechLector for the pics) and thus, we are sharing with you what the Tecno Phantom 5 looks like and some of the details we are pleased to see.

The image of the home screen as seen below is quite blurred, probably from a shaky hand while taking the picture, howver, from the shot, you’d notice the somewhat vivid display of the next phantom. That’s basically because the device is having a swell time with over 400 pixel density.

The previously rumoured metallic look and feel has been confirmed as well, but sadly there’s no confirmation about the 4G LTE as would have loved to see. The device is a 5.5″ HD IPS device as stated in our previous post and features an improved 3GB of RAM with a higher up 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded via an external microSD.

If you are still in doubt about the model name, it’s been confirmed as Tecno Phantom 5

I like the presence of the dual LED-flash light at the side of the new Phantom device, surely going to juice up the photographic capabilities.

The new Phantom 5 runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, though no word on OTA update, we are hoping to hear about that in the launch tomorrow. Getting a new phone for every new OS update doesn’t seem like a plan. The device would support quick charge functionalities, probably quick charge 2.0.

That’s so far our combination of facts and rumors round-up for the upcoming Tecno Phantom 5, we would keep you updated with the device stories as it unfolds at tomorrow’s event.