Three Latest Versions of Android with History

Nowadays everyone must have came across the word that is as OS in their smart phones and tablets. Do you know where this word Android[ has come ,the Green Android logo was designed by a graphic designer IRINIA BLOK. For our convince   it was named   Android .This operating system is based on Linux operating system. The main aim behind designing Android for the smart phones and tablets but its features and applications is not only limited up to this device it is for games digital cameras and other devices. Let me describe about the 3 latest versions of Android.
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Android 4.1.2

The releasing of the Android 4.1.2   in the Samsung Galaxy S3 has changed the vision of users of smart phones. Because this smart phone it includes a fusion of some special features like multi window for opening more web pages, with multi tasking and multi screen. Here the NFC features are also more improved from the previous version of android as it has made easier to turn on.

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Android 4.2.2

The new version Android 4.2.2 Is updated with build ID:JDQ39.Also it has two unlock effects that is ripple and light which has increased its value more in the market .Due you that this has more improved ripple effects  than Android 4.1.2 which has the capability to change clock size and set a personal messages. It is also blessed with other features like Day Dream, Driving modes and actionable notifications. Again this version is also revised from the previous version 4.1.2 with additions in notification centers and additions in the voice controls aid, is one of the latest versions of Android, but 4.3 is not far behind

Android 4.3

If till not  official announcements has not been made about the version of Android 4.3 but still it is expected that it will exceed from all its  above versions .All previous  versions was coded with jelly bean but Android 4.3  code name  is not yet decided. Everyone is just apparently waiting for this launch so that we could get more updates and the latest features of Android 4.3 stay tuned with us for further updates



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