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Three Sex Positions That Can Spice Up the Bedroom Department

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You may have heard of some sex positions that spice things up in the bedroom, and there are still lots of sex positions you may not have heard of.

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Since the bedroom is a lab, below are three different sex positions which are driving couples wild in the bedroom.

  1. The mermaid position.
  2. The dolphin position.
  3. The watering can position.

The Mermaid Position

Mermaid Sex Position

Since you are so adventurous and tired of the boring missionary and the popular doggy position, how about trying the magical move called The Mermaid position which is driving couples wild in the bedroom department.

All you’ll need to do to pull this off is for the woman to lie on the edge of a bed, any raised surface like a desk.

For extra elevation, the woman should add a pillow under butt and raise her legs up. Her legs must be stretched up straight in the air and kept together if possible.

The male can then enters his partner while he is standing up, but if the bed is low, he could kneel. He should hold the woman’s legs or hips firmly with one hand for extra stability, and he can thrust more deeply.

That will make his other hand free to caress the woman’s breasts. The move is pleasurable and also allows deep penetration, but since your legs are together, the male will feel bigger inside you.

The Dolphin Position

Dolphin Position

The dolphin position is one sex move that can really make some waves in the bedroom department, This sex position could take your love-making to whole new heights, and it is not so hard to pull off.

The dolphin position is an excellent stimulator of the G-spot. To get into this position, the woman should first lie on her back then raise her hips by pushing off her legs from the bed, but she’ll keep her head, neck, and shoulders resting on the bed.

The man then moves in between her spread legs and supports her by holding her butt. The key to enjoying this sex position is gentle thrusts. Hard vigorous thrusts could cause discomfort for the woman and even lead to a neck injury.

The Watering Can Position

Watering Can sex Position

For couples get into this gardening-themed sex position, the woman lies on top of her man with her knees slightly bent. Then the man brings his knee up and slightly bends it while the woman spreads her legs so that the man’s legs fall in between that of his woman.

This move is very intimate, as the woman’s hands wrap around the man’s back or neck so that their bodies are pressed closely together while the man’s hands are free to feel his woman’s body. This position is called the watering can because the man can shower his woman with kisses like a watering can pouring onto a flower.

This position allows both partners to inhale the scent of their bodies, enjoy passionate kisses, feel their desires and enjoy the pleasure and delight of sex by every cell.

Loveth Oghara
Interesting, Smart, and Simple

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