Tiffany Haddish Prefers to Snuggle With Her Blanket Than a Man

Tiffany Haddish revealed to Stephen Colbert that she had set a goal to make 50 films by the time she is 50 years of age. Haddish said, “They’re not all gonna be great movies, but they’re all gonna be movies!”

However, every goal in life comes with a price, and for the actress, she has had to sacrifice some things when it comes to her love life.

“I haven’t been dating. I mean, my personal relationships haven’t been that good—but I have been keeping up with my weighted blanket and the toys that I get off of Groupon. And batteries! Batteries are a girl’s best friend,” she noted. “I like how the band look at me trynna figure out, ‘What is she talking about?'”

Colbert wasn’t quite sure what the actress was talking about, so he needed clarity.

“A weighted blanket is a blanket is filled with—I think it’s sand? I’m not sure what the material is. But it’s like 25 panels, right? And then you throw that over your legs, and then you spray a little cologne over it, and you throw it over your arms, and it feels like a man is holding you. And you snuggle up in it,” Colbert explained. “Then you open up your nightstand drawer, put your batteries in…and go to sleep.”

“Because you got your reading light!” the comedian joked. “I do the same thing.”

However, the actress wasn’t looking for any form of “sorry” from the show host. In fact, Haddish loves sleeping alone so much that she explained the best part of it is that  “you don’t have to make ’em breakfast or talk to the weighted blanket or nothin’.” Tiffany hopes to find love someday, but for the meantime, “I’m waiting—with my weighted blanket.”

Haddish has starred in four movies so far this year, and she went on the late night show to promote the lasts comedy titled “Nightschool” where she acted as a school teacher who mentors comedian and actor, Kevin Hart. According to the actress, the movie which would be out in cinemas by the 28th of September is about “second chances. Just because you didn’t make it through high school the first time doesn’t mean you can’t try again.”

We hope to see her 50th movie in a few years but till then, let’s hope love finds the Hollywood sweetheart.