Tonto Dikeh Revealed Ex-husband Is a Fraudster, Ritualist, and a One Minute Man

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh also called mama king, and King Tonto has made some shocking revelations about her son’s father, Olakunle Churchill. If you remember, the actress was once married to Mr Churchill, but things went from sweet to sour.

Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband was believed to be wealthy and was considered an honest businessman till the mother of his son revealed that he was into rituals and fraud (The combination known as Yahoo Plus in Nigeria). Tonto claims to have caught Churchill trading with dark powers on several occasions.

Tonto explained that King’s dad is into cyber fraud and she only found out when she caught him in the middle of some red candles dressed in nothing but a red piece of cloth tied to his waist and his laptop in his lap.

In her words: “Yes! My son’s father is a fraud. He does Yahoo. How did I know? Because I caught him in the middle of a red candle with a laptop in his lap, with a red pant on, red cloth tied around his waist.”

Tonto Dikeh proceeded to reveal that the house which her baby daddy claimed was property, was a rented apartment, and the actress was bold enough to provide proofs of her online convos with the house agent and landlord as well.

Calling Churchill a scam, Tonto recalled how her son’s father teamed up with the sibling as well as his mother to lie to her that they were related to the former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

King Tonto further showed proofs of how Churchill had maltreated her when they were a couple. The actress claimed that her ex-husband beats her on impulse.

Mana king who is now a serious Christian claimed that Mr Chruchill had lied to her during their whole union and his family is a big lie. Tonto added that Churchill and his family were never related to Olusegun Obasanjo by blood and that Churchill was just Obasanjo’s gardener.

Mama King revealed that: “The first time I met them, the mother told me she was Obasanjo’s wife. It’s a scam. He told me he is Obasanjo’s son; It’s a scam. He was a librarian for Obasanjo. His father was Obasanjo’s gardener who graduated into being a spiritual leader.”

The actress was upset about a lot of things and also revealed that Churchill was a noodle in bed. No woman wants a man well can’t give her mind-blowing sex and still hits her. Guess we understand how bad it must have been in the bedroom for the actress. Tonto had revealed in an interview with Plus TV some time ago that she never wanted to keep her son’s pregnancy.

Tonto is no doubt one of the best mothers on Instagram as she is always showing how much she loves her son King Andre. Showing off the little man at every slight opportunity and spoiling him with expensive gifts is this doting mother’s way of making up for being confused about whether or not to have a child for this man well obviously hates so much.

A wife beater, a noodle penis, and a liar! How do we live with this? Meanwhile, Nigerians on social media are laughing, insulting, and commenting on this hot topic! Join the trend guys.