Top 12 Free WordPress Plugins for List Building


Great deals of people have come to acknowledge indeed that WordPress has taken every web enthusiast like a storm. There is no need to build a site from scratch when WordPress can do everything. WordPress comes with multiple plugin and extensions that you can utilize to the fullest. For example, you can download and install Newsletter Plugins that can be used to manage newsletters in your site. These plugins add versatility to your site by easing most of the things that would have otherwise been hard or impossible to implement in a site developed from scratch.

List Building


Take a look at the following Top 12 WordPress Plugins to Manage Your Newsletter and List Building.

1. Groups Mailchimp Integration

This is a WordPress plugin that does synchronize MailChimp and itthinx’s Groups. The main purpose of this intuitive plugin is to display a MailChimp list with its community group. A user who is registered with MailChimp will be added to its group.

2. MailChimp Comments

It is a WordPress plugin that enables you to subscribe your site followers using MailChimp. If a user just comments on your site, he/she will automatically be added to your subscription list of emails. It is the ultimate plugin for building a community of users.

3. MyMail

It is the most essential WordPress plugin for email newsletter. It enables you to create Newsletter and be able to monitor it. MyMail is ideal for Newsletter Campaigns.

4. Subscribe to Unlock

One of the best yet simple plugin that is used to create a subscription list is subscribe to unlock. It can either be used by users to subscribe to a newsletter or email list just to mention. One can subscribe even without viewing the content. It can also export files in .txt and also .csv formats.

5. Subscribe & Download

Is a plugin that makes it possible to share files by simply subscribing. If a user wants to download files from you site or other via your site, he/she will have to provide contact details. When they do that, a mail is sent to them to download that particular file.

6. Newsletter Mailer WordPress Widget

Just as its name suggest, it is a form widget that you can add up to your WordPress site to increase its functionality.

7. Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms

It is one of the most fundamental and common email newsletter choices. This plugin offers WordPress site owner’s option to add an email list and its signup form.

8. Ad Plus List Building Popup

The Ad Plus List Building is one of the best popup used for responsive functionality in a site. It has been considered to be one of the best plugin that turn your visitors into highly dependable customers.

9. Royal Footer Bar

It offers a super flexible bar that adds up to the site’s responsiveness. It can also be used to create multiple ads and produce daily analytic data just to mention. It can also use social media to increase the traffic.

10. Subscribe to Unlock Content

This is a plugin that makes it possible to control who views what in a site. The Subscribe to Unlock Content can be used to provide certain content to those who have been subscribed to the mailing list only. Unlock Content make use of certain code to determine who will view the data.

11. NewsMailer

A newsletter plugin that is very compatible with WordPress that is used to create templates, send multiple mails at a time and manage subscribers. One can get the most out of this newsletter plugin because it offers a range of intuitive features that will blow your mind.

12. Simple Campaign Monitor Signup Forms

The campaign Monitor plugin is considered to be one of the most famous newsletters tools. You can use it to create email lists and signup forms too.


These are just but some of the many WordPress plugins that get people gone. They do come in handy hence you ought to use one that services you to the best. The greatest things about WordPress plugins is that they are constantly upgraded and new ones introduced too. It is about that time you should give your visitors something that will get the back to your site more often. Try and use some of the above plugins and see how your site turns out to be a customer must visit site.


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