Top 3 Google Reader Alternatives


As Google Reader is coming to an end, people all over the world are searching for the best Google Reader Alternatives, which will help them stay updated with their favourite Blogs and websites.
Today I will be listing 3 of the best Google Reader Alternatives, the best part is they are free and also available on the go.

Google Reader Alternatives


Feedly is one of the best Google Reader Alternatives, this service helps you organize, read and share your photos, videos and contents of your favorite blogs and websites. It pulls the contents from the RSS feed of your favorite sites and blogs, this service is also integrated with social share button which you can use to share the contents. Feedly is available for Android, iPhone and iPad users.


This is a new RSS reader with intelligence, it shows you original sitr and lets you read stories directly off the site while you keep track of what you read. NewBlur is also available for web and mobile users.

The old Reader:

This service is a web based RSS reader which is similar to Google Reader. You can import your existing subscription and find your Facebook friends and other features.

Here are the top 3 Google Reader Alternatives, which do you use?


  1. Thanks for suggesting these three Google alternative readers. I think, will try them one by one before selecting the best one that can take care of my needs.


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