Top 9 Best OBD2 Apps for Cars


Onboard diagnostics tools are among the essential car related software any vehicle owner can have. These apps can really help you figure out precisely what is wrong with your vehicles and get the right professional help.

The OBD2 diagnostics tool market has exploded in recent times. There are more than enough paid and free apps to choose from, but not all apps are made equal.

So, we have come up with a list of the 9 top OBD2 diagnostics tools in the market for you to check out. Read our review of each tool to select the right one for your needs.

Leading OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Apps for Cars

1. Torque Pro

When it comes to high-quality OBD2 diagnostic tools, Torque Pro is the best for Android platforms.

A perfect diagnostic tool to get in-depth information about your car’s performance, operation, and reliability in real-time, Torque Pro has widely been rated among the top apps in the OBD diagnostics tool segment worldwide.

The broad expert opinion is that it is a great OBD2 diagnostic tool app to invest in for balanced quality and value.

Its features include:

  • On-board sync and complete vehicular monitoring
  • ECU connectivity which allows prompt error code detection and fixing.
  • Inbuilt dynamometer with horsepower and torque logs.
  • GPS sync to allow more straightforward data storage navigation, retrieval, and display.

2. OBD Fusion

OBD Fusion is regarded as a great car diagnostic tool for iOS devices at the moment. It works with Android as well. This software has many vital features which make it a must-have.

Created by OCTech, LLC., OBD Fusion can be used in combination with compatible vehicle scanners. This diagnostic tool can find and erase problematic codes, show Live PID data, and provide comprehensive diagnostic reports.

Its features make the OBD fusion scan tool a popular choice. However, many users often make the mistake of trying to fix more than minor errors themselves. This is a bad idea, and you should see a professional mechanic for the task.

Some of its prominent features include:

  • Addressing error codes
  • Relay freeze frame data
  • Allow reading active PID data
  • Provide a comprehensive vehicular diagnostic survey.

3. OBD Car Doctor Pro

OBD Car Doctor Pro is another diagnostic tool that has made a name for itself in the market. It comes equipped with all the key features that any car owner needs to troubleshoot their problems.

There are two versions of the app one is free, and the other is paid. This makes the OBD Car Doctor Pro a dynamic tool and worth purchasing.

This app feature functions like:

  • Error code detection and clean-up.
  • Vehicle status reading and storing.
  • GPS sync and segmented parameters storage and display

4. Carista OBD2

Carista OBD2 is a vehicular diagnostic tool that does something that only a few other apps have done. It comes with a dedicated plug and subscription-based app, which makes it more expensive than other OBD2 software.

However, this is more than compensated for by its customization options which really set it apart from the competition. Other than that, you can find all the standard diagnostic tool features.

If a fully customizable OBD2 diagnostic tool is what you want, then this is the right one.

Here are its key features:

  • Error code detection and clean-up
  • Vehicle data reading, storage and displaying
  • Diagnostic reporting

5. HobDrive

Hobdrive is another popular choice for many car owners out there. It offers full spectrum functionality including vehicular logs such as fuel use, runtime, idle time in traffic, etc.

It also allows HUD mode use which is highly responsive and also allows for GPS based route planning.

Users can also change the overall layout of this diagnostics tool to their preferences.

So, its features are:

  • Vehicle logs like fuel use, running time, idle traffic stoppage
  • HUD based interactivity, route planning, and smooth responsiveness.
  • Platform-compatibility across .NET framework based programs.

6. GOFar

GOFar is an OBD2 diagnostics tool which has made a lot of fans for itself in the market. It is filled with all the best kinds of features you would want. Plus, there is no ongoing expense.

Instead, you have to only make a one-time expense for getting the device. This means GoFar is easily one of the most economical diagnostic tools in the market.

Some of its best features are:

  • Direct real-time updates on vehicle status including separate details for each section.
  • All descriptions and details are in simple English which can be easily read.
  • Compliant with most vehicles with an OBD2 outlet.

7. EOBD Facile

The final on-board diagnostic tool on our list is EOBD Facile. This is a bare-bones device that allows for only the most essential features you might want.

This tool is right for those who want minimum fuss and would like to just get the basic reads on their vehicle.

EOBD offers features like:

  • Engine light real-time read
  • GPS log data
  • Detect manufacture code errors
  • Detect all engine code errors from ECU and display them in simple language.

8. Blue Driver

For those who want to try out OBD2 apps for free, BlueDriver is one of the best choices in the market. This app has all the essential functionalities of a regular OBD2 app.

It lets you assess and detect any error codes and other computer anomalies. Further, it is used on both iOS and Android systems.

This makes it one of the top choices for people taking their first steps in app-based car diagnostics.

  • The single app with no add-ons required for full functionality.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.
  • Allows compilation of performance reports as PDF and exporting them.
  • Compatible with all OBD2 enabled vehicles in the market.
  • Free updates are released regularly.

9. Dash Command

If you are looking out for award-winning applications in the OBD2 segment, then the Dash Command is the best one out there. It got the award and the highly positive reviews across the internet for being one of the most comprehensive apps out there.

It provides highly detailed insights into all aspects of any vehicle including torque, overall efficiency, any emergent error codes, and many other things.

This app is also highly customizable and so, you can set it up to display exactly the details that you need to know.

The Dash Command diagnostic tool offers the following features:

  • Very fast in retrieving and displaying information.
  • Somewhat lesser in size than the industry average for OBD2 apps.
  • Highly customizable for optimized utility.
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Well reviewed and trusted by experts across the board.

Which OBD2 Diagnostics Tool Should You Choose?

The 9 OBD2 apps we have mentioned here are the best in the market. Each of them offers its own price verticals and value options.

If you choose any one of these, your basic needs for on-board diagnostics will be easily served perfectly. But you should also consider what other benefits you can get from it.

The choice ultimately depends on your driving habits. If you are on the highway often, then choosing a sophisticated diagnostic tool like Turbo Pro might be worth it.

But if you just do city driving where garages are not that far, then a simpler one might also work. Read carefully through what each OBD2 tool offers and choose the one which fits your needs the best.

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