Top US Preacher Warns Member Against Faggots

Some religious leaders seem to be drawing a battle line between them and the LGBT community as a video spreading like wildfire in tweeter shows an alleged preacher of the largest Pentecostal church in the United States of America telling a particular man to stay away from “sissies” and “faggots”.

The tweeter user who shared the video claimed it was a recording of a service that took place at the Church of God in Christ (COGIC).

The tweeter user wrote “This is trash. COGIC is trash. In the video, a female preacher can be heard telling one man: ‘Come out from among them sissified men that’s been hanging around you. I didn’t say you were a sissy; you understand what I’m saying?

God can use no man trying to be women. We call ’em faggots. I ain’t calling you that. Understand that?'”

The female preacher added that: “They’ve been around you, haven’t they?” He responds: “Yes Mam.”

The preacher adds: “Stay away from around them sissies, okay? Let God save them. But God has chosen you, and they know it. Devil and hell is trying to destroy you,” The preacher then pushing him backwards as loud music plays in the background.

The video in question was filmed in a large indoor arena that is yet to be confirmed as the church hall.

Ever since the release of the video, tweeter users have been upset and has criticised the church for misinterpreting Christianity. The co-host of one of America’s LGBT plus radio stations, Ryan Mitchell wrote in a tweet that “This is what i grew up in. COGIC was all i knew. real Christianity or spirituality isn’t supposed to be like this.”

Another tweeter user said “WOWWWWW! I’m outdone. I was partially raised in COGIC due to my Mom & her family being COGIC, but luckily they’re accepting Most of them lol. We always discuss the hypocrisy of COGIC being homophobic yet having & benefitting from their LGBTQ parishioners. Smh.”

One user tweeted that: “Every time I step foot in a church, someone proves me right. Thanks for sharing.”

And another added: “I haven’t been to church since I had my daughter because I knew I didn’t want her in that environment. She’s 10.”