Trouble in Kanye’s Home as He Fights With Wife Over Attention and Kim Fight’s With Sister Over Gossip.

All we see on social media is most times different from how things are in reality. Every couple has fought at some point, some more severe than others. But some couples seem so perfect watching them from a distance and Kanye and his wife are one of them.

However, in Sunday’s all-new episode of the Keeping up with the Kardashians reality TV show, we have learnt a lesson that there can sometimes be trouble in paradise.

Kim Kardashian West revealed to her sister some juicy details about a petty fight she had recently with husband Kanye West over band-aids.  “Last night I was just not in the best of mood, and I was just like tired,” The mother of three recalled. “I got home, and I was like, ‘Hey’, and then I was like on my computer, and then he was like, ‘Babe, will you get off your computer, I wanna talk, let’s hang out.'”

According to Kim, she was busy trying to meet a deadline, but when her son called out for a shower, she couldn’t help but attend to him. Let’s put it this way, Kanye got jealous and a little upset.

“I shut the computer, and he’s like, ‘You are going to go take a bath with him, but I asked to hang out and you wouldn’t?'” the Kardashian star said.

“Maybe you should just take a bath with Kanye, and it will all be better,” Khloe said jokingly in response.

However, Kanye was only upset about saint stealing the attention he wanted from his wife.

“We had a fight because I wouldn’t get him a Band-Aid,” Kim went further to reveal. “I said, ‘Did you look in the proper place, and there is a Band-Aid here.’ My husband didn’t like that one. So he wanted another one, so there was a Band-Aid there, and I put it on him. He didn’t like the colour of the Band-Aid.”

Kim then offered her husband one of North’s Jesus themed band-Aids, but Kanye wasn’t in the mood to play North West by using her band-aid

“He was like, ‘I have slaved around the world making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus Band-Aid,'” the frustrated mother of three told her younger sister. “I am like, so I’m running around to find three f–king different colour Band-Aid’s when I have three kids to look after?!”

Although Kim may have been a little annoying with the complains, her sister advised her to offer some love and attention to the man in her life as he is equally as important as the kids. According to Khloe   “sometimes men still want to be treated like the first baby.”

Kim decided to make it up to her husband by Valentine by getting him all the all of his most loved Band-Aids. In a confession, The KKW beauty boss admitted that “Kanye is so thoughtful, and even when he is really in crazy work mode, he always takes the time to check in on me to see what’s going on. I think when I get in a super busy mode, I need to slow down and be a little bit more thoughtful really.”

Interestingly, Kanye wasn’t the only family member Kim was offending. The Kardashian sister was caught in the act of gossiping her elder sister Kourtney Kardashian. Scott Disick who was formerly an item with Kourtney had confided in Kim that he would like to have another child with her sister.

However, Kim didn’t keep her mouth shut but went further to share the news with Larsa Pippen. Kim told Larsa “I think he just wants one more. And she wants one more.”

“If the both of them want to have more kids, like why not have them together?” Pippen added. “Their kids are gorgeous.”

Kim told Larsa that since the duo was officially separated and was seeing other people, they didn’t need to have sex to reproduce as they could get an IVF done. Larsa offered her support and Kim decided to rope the whole family into the plan of talking Scott and Kourtney into having another child together.

Things went south when Kim mistakenly Left Kourtney on the email. Khloe pointed out to Kim via a phone call that “You completely left Kourtney on that f–king email, did you know that?”

Kim tried to get rid of the email, but her sister had seen it all and didn’t find it funny at all. Kris Jenner, however, decided to play the role of an advocate between her two daughters.

Kourtney told Kris and Khloe “Honestly, I don’t even want to look at her after the whole email situation,”

“I don’t think she wants to hurt your feelings,” The Kardashian matriarch neutrally responded to Kourt. “I think she just communicates differently.”

Kourtney strongly disagreed with her mother trying to make the issue an equal thing and make it clear that “She did something really malicious, backstabbing and actually evil. Going behind someone’s back? It’s not okay, and it’s not something I will accept in my life.”

Family drama isn’t something we are not used to when it involves the Kardashians, so this too shall pass.

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