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Trouble in Royalty as Megan Leaves Prince Harry Behind


It seems another rubble is going on in the royal hose and this time it is between the two love birds in the castle.

Both Prince Harry and Megan Markle are not finding marriage easy at all and they have begun to have their own fair share of marital issues. Barely three months after the royal wedding, Megan is still not finding it easy at all. The couple have begun having issues about first, Megan’s family and secondly his “man cave”.

Apparently the new duchess of Sussex has reached her limit when it comes to her family and it is beginning to affect her and her relationship with her husband. The family just seem to want to keep weighing on the marriage of Megan and tensions are starting to run high and wild. According to an inside source who spoke with Ok! Magazine, the tensions are starting o cause a squabble.

After weeks of family drama and weeks of her family being in the news, Megan snapped and apparently directed her frustration to her husband. She was angry about how much she feels trapped by a lot of royal rules and guidelines. Asides the fact that she is angry, Prince Harry too is also furious about the fact that their family is constantly in the news and at how Megan’s father Thomas has been slandering their family always on social media commenting on how they apparently have disrespected him.

The last paid interview that Thomas did was so heart breaking. He simply had to bring up harry’s late mother, Princess Diana with whom Thomas had no connection or relation with. He didn’t even know the woman but yet he simply had to bring up the name of the dead princess saying that if it were the late princess, they will not disrespect her the way they are disrespecting him.

According to his last interview “What gets me is the sense of Megan’s superiority. She would have been nothing without me”. But then, we all can agree that his cause of pain is a little bit irrational. This is because he was invited as a guest to the wedding but he couldn’t stating the fact that he couldn’t go because of his ill health and none of this was Megan’s fault.

They are not just having issues concerning Megan’s family, they are also having issues about Harry’s “man cave”. Megan just hates the fact that Prince Harry still lives like a bachelor and is still having her home look like a man’s den. He still has all the works of him being a bachelor. The electric massage chair, a giant TV screen, X-boxes, beer fridges and the likes.

When they were just newly married, Megan kept quiet about the entire bro zone and how she really hated the tastelessness and entire laddishnes. Megan had always hoped that she could get to make their home look like that which had a female presence in it. She wanted to give their home a classy make over but the Prince is having none of it. He is already complaining about how he feels like he is living with a mother hen and he is being hen-pecked.

Megan is beginning to feel sad and pressured so much she decided to take a break. She flew out to Toronto to be with her old long term friends. She feels this way she can clear her head. “It feels like their honeymoon stage is long gone and they are now being slapped with reality. Megan hopes that a few days apart from the Prince will give them ample time for them to sort out the built up tension and also clear their heads” the source explained.