Trouble in the Royal House as Thomas Markle Hangs Up the Call on the Royal Prince

It seems like trouble has started brewing in the royal house already. But this time, it is between Megan’s father Thomas Markle and her husband Prince Harry. Apparently, they had had a disagreement on a phone call which had caused Megan’s dad to hang up the call on the Prince.

Megan’s father Thomas Markle revealed in an interview that he had hung up the call on Prince Harry due to accusations about his role in a photo scandal. The 74-year old man said that this incident had occurred shortly before the royal marriage had taken place in May at Windsow Castle, London.

Apparently, Megan’s dad who is a former lighting director was allegedly involved in an embarrassing outbreak of public excitment that he had staged a series of photos to be taken of him by the paparazzi.

He claimed that he had previously been warned by the royal family that he should be careful with the media and that he couldn’t or shouldn’t even try to put up a show for them but he apparently hadn’t listened to them.

He gave this interview while he was in the hospital. He said although he knew that Prince Harry was right to be angry at him, but yet he felt that the Prince was rude while talking to him hence him slamming the phone on him.

He had taken pictures with him posing out in a suit, him trying a new suit out for the wedding, him pretending to get in shape for the wedding and likewise a picture with him sitting in a cafe pretending to be reading up on the Royal family.

He admitted that the money made from the proceeds of these pictures was divided between him and the photographer. When asked how much this money was, he replied that the money was to the tune of £100,000.

Most unfortunately, it had happened that the CCTV footage of the entire Photoshop had gotten to Prince Harry who was very furious and placed a call through to him. Upon the heated argument between the Prince and his father-in-law, Mr Markle had uttered the words “Maybe it would be better if I was dead, then you could at least pretend to be sad” after which he had hung up the call on Prince Harry.

Mr Markle said when the staged photographs had leaked, he suffered a heart attack immediately and he was rushed to the hospital. Although we doubt the authenticity of this story because the day after he apparently said he had suffered a heart attack, he was captured taking 6 cans of beer out of an off license.

It was due to the incident of the photographs that Megan Markle banned her father from giving a speech at the wedding. She told him that he could attend the wedding but he must not give a speech at her wedding as the father of the bride.

Thomas says he isn’t mad at both the Prince and his daughter, instead he loves them and wishes them all the best in their marriage. But then he said that he didn’t care if the Prince doesn’t speak to him ever again and that he hoped that both he and Megan would be able to resolve their differences before he died.

In his own words he said “I don’t care about the Royal family. I’m not waiting to cash in on their wealth, I am not sitting here crying or engaging myself in self-pity. My daughter is a duchess but I don’t even know what that means”

After that phone call from Megan banning her father from speaking at her wedding, Thomas never went to the wedding deciding to ditch the entire wedding and meeting his son-in-law altogether. And because Thomas wasn’t at the wedding, Harry’s father Prince Charles walked Megan down the aisle.