Tumblr is back on the App Store with New Content Guidelines


The Tumblr app which varnished from the Apple App Store in November with the company stating that there’s an issue with the iOS app, but it was later revealed that the app was banned from the App Store for hosting media depicting child pornography. Tumblr then acknowledges the same and said in an official response that the company is working with Apple to resolve the problem.

After the removal from the App Store for a while, the Tumblr app is now back on the App Store, but this time, it has returned with an update in tow whose changelog states that it currently prohibits certain kinds of content.


The social media and microblogging platform return to the App Store comes two days ahead of the deadline which was given to the developers after which all the adult content will be banned from Tumblr’s website and mobile app. Tumblr has made it clear that any videos, photos or GIF that show ‘real life human genitals or female presenting nipples, and any content that exhibits sex acts’ will be classified as adult content and so will be banned accordingly. Tumblr will also let its users report any such objectionable content to keep the platform safe.

However, Tumblr’s imminent ban on adult content does come with a few exceptions such as images portraying ‘exposed female-presenting nipples in connection with breastfeeding, health-related situations, birth or after-birth moments’, artistic nudity and erotica. Content that has been flagged as inappropriate will be moved to a separate page which cannot be viewed by anyone except for the person that posted it.

It appears that the platform’s move against objectionable content has paid off and has been rewarded with the app’s return to the App Store. But on the other hand, Tumblr’s Android app was not removed from the Google Play Store despite the issue with Apple’s App Store, but it also received a new update with the same changes to the platform’s content guidelines.


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