14 Different Types of Parrots in the World

Different Types of Parrots
Photo by Annerose Walz

When a person hears the term parrot they often think of a large and colorful bird that is able to talk.

It turns out there are many different types of parrots and a person can select the best parrot species based on size and other characteristics.

Small Parrots

These birds are smaller in size and they are easier to take care of. If the owner spends time with them, these smaller species of parrots can still learn how to speak.

1. Cockatiel

This smaller version of a parrot is the second most popular species of bird in the world. They are sweet, intelligent, and easy to take care of.

They have a pleasant whistle, and they can learn to talk.

2. Lovebirds

These birds are friendly, and they need to be socialized. A person can get these birds in pairs as they will be able to bond.

They are going to need a lot of love and care but if they do, they can sing and be great company.

3. Parakeets

These birds come in many different colors and they have different personalities. These birds will learn how to speak if their owner takes the time to sit and teach them.

These birds can be loud, but they like to be social with their owners.

Medium Parrots

These parrots need some extra room and more care. They are good for people that have their own home and some space where the bird can get out of its cage and move around.

4. Caique

These parrots have a lot of energy and they will keep their owners entertained. They like to play and roll around on their backs.

They can be on the loud side and the birds have a personality that will come through. They need a lot of love and attention since they are young.

The right owners can have a lot of fun with these birds as they love to explore.

If their behavior is not corrected early they may nip at the owner. They love to play with toys, and they are intelligent.

The birds can learn how to talk, and they are good at learning tricks.

5. Conure Parrots

This bird is loving and will need a lot of affection. They are best if they have an owner that has experience working with birds and parrots.

They can be rather loud, but they are also fun and active. The bird can learn how to talk but they may not be the best talkers. They can be easily trained.

These birds like to interact with their owner, and they can even cuddle with them to show affection.

6. Lorikeets

This type of parrot is colorful and lives for many years. They eat nectar and pollen and do not eat seeds.

This is why they may not be the best pets for first-time bird owners.

They are playful and like to explore their home. They are able to talk, and they have an expanded vocabulary for a bird.

They are social and they enjoy being around people, but they may bond with their owner.

They are very friendly. Before getting this bird make sure they are going to have a steady source of food since this specialized diet may be hard to get in some areas.

7. Pionus Parrot

These parrots may not be the most colorful or bright parrots and people tend to pass them right by. They are great for people that want a friendly bird as a pet.

They are not aggressive, but the males may show some signs of aggression if there is a female around and it is mating season.

These birds are able to bond with every member of the family and not just one person.

The parrots are able to speak but they have a raspy voice.

They will only be able to learn a couple of words, but they are able to pronounce them. This bird does not need constant attention.

While their owner will need to interact with them every day they can play on their own at times.

8. Poicephalus

This parrot stands out from the group. They come in many different colors and there are different subspecies of this type of parrot.

They can be sweet while some can be mischievous.

There are other birds that like to cuddle and are gentle by nature. It will take some time and effort to get the bird to bond.

If a person loves parrots and they have some time on their hands this bird can be a great pet.

Larger Breeds of Parrots

These birds will need a lot of space and they will need a lot of attention.

They can learn how to talk. It is important for an experienced bird owner to have one of these larger parrots so that they can properly care for them.

9. African Grey Parrot

This is a large breed and they will keep their owner busy. They can learn up to 1,500 words so a person really has to watch what they say around them.

They are able to imitate sounds and do many different voices.

They like to tease their owners. They may imitate sound so well that the owner will not realize it is the bird making that noise. This bird is very intelligent.

It attaches to one person and will need a lot of attention. The bird will also need activities. If it becomes bored it may begin to pluck out their own feathers.

Since these birds are so smart, they need plenty of mental stimulation. They enjoy puzzles and toys that are interactive. These birds can also learn different tricks to keep their minds busy.

This parrot can be a lifelong companion for their owner.

10. Amazon Parrots

These birds are bright and colorful. They like to have fun and they enjoy playing jokes. They need constant entertainment and will help keep their owner’s attention.

The bird likes to play. It can take and it can sing. Some of these birds make great family pets while others do not get along with everyone in the family.

Some of these parrots have also been known to attack family members. They can go from loving to aggressive in a couple of seconds.

Due to the rapid changes in behavior, they are best for people that have experience with parrots. Some of these birds may be outgoing and like attention while others tend to be shy.

They are loud in both the morning and during the evening. They are able to use body language to express their emotions.

If they spread their feathers or dilate their eyes they may be getting made and ready to bite.

These birds have been known to sing opera and sound good while doing it. They have a great tone and the words that they say are clear.

When this parrot is happy it will even make a sound that imitates a purr.

11. Eclectus

This is a smart bird and they are very active. The male and the female members of this species tend to look very different.

They do not even look like they are the same type of bird.

The male bird has a bright green color and the females have red and purple coloring. When their feathers come in, it is easy to tell what gender the bird is.

The feathers look more like hair and they need more vitamins in their diet than other species of parrots. They need to be in the home of an experienced owner.

The owner needs to have experience with their dietary needs. They do not form a strong bond with their owner, but they can still be good birds to have as pets.

These birds like to cuddle, and they like to sit on their owner. They can say a couple of words and are even able to learn a few sounds.

They can also imitate sounds. They are good at imitating alarms and even the microwave.

12. Hawk Headed Parrot

These parrots have a unique look to them. They are able to raise the feathers on their head and the top of their neck.

This allows the bird to look bigger and is a similar feature that the hawk has.

These birds make great pets. They are loyal to their owner and they are affectionate. They like to play and are curious about their surroundings.

If they are properly socialized, they can make great family pets.

As part of their development, they will go through a phase when they will try to imitate their owner. They may tap a person with their beak.

If their behavior is not safely corrected they the bird may bite. They need clear boundaries, but they are very loyal to their family.

Extra Large Parrots

These birds are meant to be handled with experienced owners. They are very large, and their beaks can be very strong.

If the owner knows their way around birds, they can still be great pets.

13. Large Cockatoo

This is a very affectionate bird and even with their size they will be kind to their owners and will want to be loved.

They will need attention and will be by their owners 24 hours a day.

They can spend several hours cuddling. If they are left alone, they may scream, pull out their feathers, and they may become aggressive.

If the bird plucks out their feathers it may lead to self-mutilating, so it needs to be taken very seriously.

In order to prevent this issue, they will need plenty of social interaction and they will need a large cage. They are a huge commitment and many owners cannot handle them.

They can make sounds up to 135 decibels. They will scream for attention and have been known to wake their owner up. They may also become aggressive.

If an owner is not able to be with this bid almost constantly, they should select another parrot species.

14. Macaw

This is a bigger version of the bird species. They are smart and they are able to talk.

If a person does not have experience with a parrot they should opt for another species because their bird can be powerful.

They need to have their need met. They need lots of attention and mental stimulation. If they do not get what they need the parrots may become aggressive.

They will go through toys quickly and a person may have to purchase toys on a weekly basis. They will also need clear boundaries and they will need to be kept busy and active.

If the bird is not mentally stimulated, they may get into trouble.

These are some of the different types of parrots. A person can select a parrot based on their size as well as their personalities.

Most parrots can learn how to talk if they are given the time and attention. Parrots can be playful and affectionate.

These birds make great pets if the owner is willing to give them the time and the attention that they need.

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