Understanding the Differences Between Responsive Web Design and Mobile Web Design


For business owners, it is imperative that they carve out a strong online presence in order to have their businesses scale new heights and expand more. In this day and age, with the internet and smartphones being so common and easily available at affordable prices, more and more people throughout the world are increasingly using their mobile phones to access the internet.

Under such circumstances, it is essential that as a business owner you build a solid online platform which will guarantee that your business website stays relevant. Responsive web design is a necessary tool required to make this online presence felt, responsive web designs will allow your business website to be easily accessible across various devices, not only desktops but also mobile phones and tablets, with the same functionality and smoothness. This article will highlight to you what the differences between responsive web designs and mobile web designs are.

Responsive web design and Mobile web design

Till a few years ago, mobile website design was thought to be of more importance and relevance to the new age consumers than responsive web designs. Mobile web designs involve web designers making the mobile phones as the main starting point and then upgrading it with new technology in a progressive manner through to tablets, desktop computers, notepads, etc. This method basically meant that a company would have to have two versions of the same website – one was for the PC users while the other would serve mobile phone users.

Earlier, during the beginning of mobile design websites, we did have various reasons for experts to feel that various web applications were always required to be designed primarily for a mobile phone. Some of the most important reasons for this were the popularity and the prevalence of mobile phones and the fact that this popularity continued to soar. When a platform like this was created, it would serve millions of new users and companies could be able to promote the services they had to this new generation of consumers who were all tech and mobile savvy.

Then there is another thing; a mobile design was thought to be reflective of a cleaner concept where there would be no room for any extra elements and that it would avoid any unnecessary page cluttering. In mobile phones, the screen is so small that there is not a lot of space to push in extra widgets, buttons and images – instead the design team would have to provide the basic and the bare essentials and what was really needed. It was thought that users will prefer this clutter-free design where they could find what they want easily and would influence them to return more to the website, and also increase conversion rates and draw in more customers.

It was thought that mobile based applications would have a lot more of utility than any software that was based on PCs, what users got from their laptops was nothing compared to what their smartphones offered, like a digital compass, gyroscope, touch screen functionalities, voice input, etc. Designers felt that they could build websites on these tools and would not get limited by the constraints of desktops and laptops.

Statistics of Responsive web design

In responsive web design, the designers will build you websites which will intuitively adapt to every device that it gets accessed from, and studies have shown that this factor also ensures commercial success because it gives users familiarity with a website. They know which visual elements to expect and how to navigate the site.  The resolutions of the screens will change along with time as more and more new devices are launched in the market. Studies have shown that the numbers of unique screen resolution sizes are changing with every year, and it is impossible to have so many different website versions, hence the most prudent way of tackling this growth is by having responsive web designs, which will optimize the screen resolution for all customers, regardless of the device they use.

Customers do not like to wait long; they get driven away when the page takes too much time to load or to appear. Research has shown that almost 50 percent of all web users will wait just about 2 seconds to see a web page load, and if the page does not load within this time, then they will move away. Similarly, it has been seen that around 40% of web users will click away if they do not get access to the page they want within 3 seconds. This is a very narrow time frame within which business owners have to convince the users to buy their products. In responsive web designs, web designers write the codes in a way that results in it selectively loading the main elements which are required first and then the graphics are brought in at a later stage.

The design of your web page is crucial as it will have a huge impact and affect the number of new users and visitors who visit your web page. These people are those who found your website after looking for something specific in the search engine which directed them with a link to your site.

You must hire a good, renowned, experienced and professional web design company to help you with your web development requirements and generate a strong online presence for your business website; this will ensure that your business grows and expands more in the future.


To sustain your business website in the long run, you have to adapt to new technological evolutions constantly. Having a responsive web design will simplify the process for you a great deal. You will have a business website which will be accessible by every user, regardless of the device they use: smartphones, tablets, notepads, laptops, smart TVs, etc. This ensures that more people can visit your website which means that you will have more customers in the long run.

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