Updating Your MTN SIM With Your BVN Number


It’s almost deadline for MTN SIM registration which is scheduled to come to a halt on the 31st of January 2015 being Sunday, so you have just a day left to update your MTN SIM or lose your line/phone number as mandated by the regulating body in charge – NCC.


Most people myself included have been asked to head over to the bank and re-register our SIM cards. This have been going on for a while now, and seriously speaking, it’s a very dicey but important update especially if the said SIM card is your personal or business line and you have more to lose than gain by neglecting the SIM re-registration exercise. Myself for example would have forfeited the re-registration of one of my SIM cards which I actually use just for surfing the internet, if MTN had not brought about the BVN linking re-registration exercise.

How to re-register your MTN SIM using your BVN

Going about the re-registration using your BVN details is quite simple as all it takes is just an SMS to a short-code, which is a big props for MTN seeing that most folks have decided to let go of their various phone numbers because of the mamooth crowds you would find in MTN Nigeria’s designated SIM registration centers.

To update and/or re-register your SIM card, send an SMS with the details below to 799 .
BVN (space) BVN Number (space) Mother’s maiden name to 799
After you have sent out the details, you would receive an acknowledgment SMS from MTN saying;

Dear Customer, thank you for giving MTN your details for SIM Registration

P.S: To get your BVN Number, you can dial this USSD code on the SIM you used for your BVN. *565*0#, you would be charged 20 Naira for the detail. If you have any issues with the exercise, please feel free to leave a comment below. Do re-share to help folks who are yet to do their re-registration do it once and for all.