How to use MTN Night Plan During the day


MTN night plan is one of the cheapest data plan suitable for bloggers in Nigeria due to high cost of that plan it cost N 2,500 for 3GB (9pm to 6am) and a bonus of 1.5GB which you can use during the day and in the night, and after you have exhausted the bonus data you have to wait till 9pm before you start using your initial data (the one you paid for) or you can keep your data on before 6am and you are not going to turn it off  if you want to continue using it.

What if you have some important stuff you want to tidy? Well for me if I have money with me I just top it up so I will get another bonus to use during the day for like 2 days or so. That is why my tablet measures up to 10GB+ of data used monthly 😀 but just few days ago I discovered how one can use the night plan anytime he or she wants, Thanks to my Facebook friend.

Note: A wifi hotspot enabled device and a Windows laptop with wireless connectivity is need for this tutorial.

Getting Started:

1. Download Simple server from here. Its proxy server and you don’t have to install anything just download it and extract its content to a folder you can access easily.

2. Now double click on the simple server main application just like the screenshot below.

simple server 1.0
3. Now give it some time to connect, when you start seeing this strange writings just know that it’s ready for use.

simple server 1.1

4. Now Open your chrome browser ( I use Chrome because it allows me to syndicate my histories with my Tab. Go to the settings page on Chrome, scroll down to the advance settings option and click on it.

simple server
5. This will reveal the “Proxy setting” option that we need for our operation.

simple server1

6. Click on the “Change proxy settings” to reveal the next option needed for this operation.

simple server2

7. Now click on “LAN settings” this is will open another dialog box, which is the final one we need for us to start using MTN night plan during the day.

simple server3

(i). Uncheck the “Automatically detect settings” if it’s checked in your browser.

(ii). Under “Proxy Server” check the 2 boxes just like you can see in my screenshot.

(iii). under the “address” box input “” and inside the “Port” box input “8080” (without quotes).

That is all now you can switch off the data and also turn it on anytime you want in the day. but know that your mobile device won’t browse

Incase when its 9pm and you want to start browsing if it refuses to connect all you have to do is uncheck the the 2 boxes under “Proxy Server” and check the “Automatically detect settings” box just like the screenshot
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