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Veteran Columnist and Host Robin Leach Dies at the Age of 76

The celebrity reporting world mourns as she loses one of her best and brightest. Robin leach, the host reporter and TV presenter popularly known for hosting the TV show “lifestyle of the rich and famous” is dead. The legendary TV presenter passed away on Thursday night after losing the battle to stroke. He was aged 76years old.

Robin leach passed away on the night of Thursday 23, August 2018 just a week before he clocked 77years old. His colleague and friend John kastilometes who likewise is a celebrity reporter and a columnist at the Las Vegas Review journal tweeted and informed the world of the passing away of his friend.

Robin was a veteran journalist and a force to reckon with in the broadcasting industry. He was a host and he had hosted a lot of shows most especially on the lifestyle of the rich and famous, a popular show which was aired from 1984 till 1995.

This show was the one that usually gave the world and his audiences up and personal close up views and insights into the lives of celebrities, wealthy entertainers as well as athletes. Even the lives of actors, actresses and musicians who were considered celebrities in the industry were not left out as well.

Robin whom has been battling with his health and had apparently been hospitalized since November last year after he suffered from a severe stroke. The very dedicated host who loved his job and made no move to hide it told the Sun in 2011 that he would rather not have a Jon and that he wanted no other job that the one in the newspapers.

According to him, he was fascinated about the entire process of having to collect information and data, talking and relating with people and as well having a story that will be posted in the newspaper that will be dropped to the letter box the following day. He claimed that this was the ‘high’ he derived from the job.

The highly respected British born journalist was born on the 29th of August 1941 had worked for so many different publications during his lifetime. Publications such as people’s magazine, the new York daily news and the daily mail are all publications that Robin worked for but these didn’t bring him to his limelight till he landed his big break in 1984 with the show named lifestyle of the rich and famous.

This show ran for 11years before it eventually came to a halt in 1995. His goal then was to create a show where others could feel connected to their favourite celebrities. Although as usual, there were critics and people who hated his guts in the industry but this never deterred him from being his best.

In 2016, Robin told the Hollywood reporters that he looks at his work as a challenge. He claimed that it was another opportunity to make something out of the thin air. He accepted the fact that he had to work extra long hours to achieve what he needed to achieve but then there was never a time that he shied away from hard work.

He continued by saying that when another opportunity arises to do better at what you love doing most especially when there are new found tools and technology at your disposal, then the job really becomes quite exciting.

There are a few other facts that was associated with Robin that people may not even know about. But then we were able to dig it up and here is what we came up with.

  1. Robin leach was a writer and also an author. Robin enjoyed his life in the limelight but then during his free time, he took to writing. He wrote three books which apparently became best sellers.

Robin leach was the author of “The life style of the rich and famous cookbook”, “recipes and entertaining secrets from the most extraordinary people in the world”, and “Robin leach’s healthy lifestyles cookbook: Menus and recipes from the rich, famous and fascinating”.

  1. He began his first career in TV with Regis Philbin. Robin alongside Regis were co-contributors on the AM Los Angeles on KABC-TV. Asides that, he also reported for people tonight, CNN as well as Entertainment tonight.
  2. Robin was an entertainment journalist and also a columnist. When Robin first started his career, he was the youngest person to be working on PAGE ONE team as a reporter. This was in the 1960s and he started at the tender age of 18 years old. In 1963, he later moved to the U.S and wrote for several publications after which he moved on to start his own magazine called the GO magazine.

Before his death, he was currently a columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal and likewise the business editor of the Show Magazine.

  1. He hosted the rich and famous for 11years. The rich and famous was the first show that really gave a detailed account of the day-to-day activities of celebrities and the rich. He showed us details of their everyday lives even in their homes, taking into account what they ate, drank, did for fun etc.

The veteran host who always ended his show with the catch phrase “Champagne wishes and Cavier dreams” slept peacefully and died in his sleep. This is the report of his family and friends who were with him during his last hours.

Rest in peace Robin and we sure would miss you and our heart felt condolences are with the family of Robin leach.

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