Which Video Formats Is Best for Saving Videos?

Video Formats

Watching videos is something a lot of us do to while away time. As a matter of fact, these days people would rather watch videos than read texts.

While videos can be very exciting to watch, the world of videography is a very complex one especially when it comes to things like video formats and other technical aspects.

When it comes to video formats, there are so many out there that it will be difficult for you to begin to count them many more formats are being invented daily and this makes for the availability of plenty of new options to explore.

Of course, some video formats and become more popular than many others, but it still boils down to a matter of preference when it comes to picking the perfect video formats for your video works.

Our discussion in this article will be focused on video formats; especially the ones we think are the best that you can use, and tips on easy ways to convert videos to a different format.

All you have to do is read further to get all the information that you need.

What are video formats?

People often confuse the difference between video formats and video containers; these two are entirely different things.

If we choose to explain in details the difference between video formats and video containers, it will take us a lot of time, and a lot of people might end up getting even more confused about the difference between both so we would keep that in this article.

Just try as much as possible not to forget that video formats are not the same as video containers. Video formats are basically file formats that I used in storing your videos in your computer.

Most times the videos are compressed to smaller sizes so that they can be saved, but in a lot of cases, this compression reduces the quality of the video.

What are some of the best format to keep your videos in?

We have decided to share with you some of the most fantastic formats you can store your videos. And these formats are:

1. Avi

A couple of years ago, Avi was one of the most popular video formats and even dominated the market. However, Microsoft decided to replace Avi with the video file format known as WMV. If you search through the internet now, you might still be able to find legacy Avi videos.

If you want to download videos from youtube, here is a quick reminder that you can use youtubemate.app. This can help you to save your videos in any of the formats including the ones we will be listing as we move on.

2. QT and MOV

Apple‘s QT and MOV are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms as well. MOV was created initially to save feature movies expressly. In the world of videography, MOV and QT are both very popular, so there is a chance you probably have heard about them, or you will hear about them again soon.

3. MKV

The MKV is one video formats that I find quite interesting mainly because the name originated from a Russian word which is used to refer to a specific type of doll created in such a way that they nest inside each other.

This piece of information may be one that you feel is unnecessary, but these dolls are very popular in Russia, and we still are unable to explain why this video format got its name from the toy. The primary reason why a lot of people love to use the MKV format is that it is totally free and open source.

4. MP4

The MP4 video storage format is probably one of the most famous as almost everyone uses it around the world. MP4 is not only capable of storing videos and audios; it can also store messages and other forms of data like images.

It has become one of the most commonly used formats for storing movies on mobile phones and other gadgets. I would recommend that if you want to store your videos, you go for the MP4 format because it is easily accessible and straightforward to use.

5. AVCHD ( The advanced video coding high definition)

The name of this video file format is quite long and probably confusing, but we can assure you that there is a very good reason why this format has become popular. And, a lot of people think it is a very great option for saving videos.

This video file format is the love child of the collaboration between Sony and Panasonic which are two superpowers when it comes to videography.

One primary reason why I will recommend this video file format is that it has the ability to store a very huge size of information into very tiny bits.

So this is how we can take on the best files to keep your videos if you have any other information you would like to add, or you have questions you will want to ask us, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section provided below.

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