Welcome to the New Lottoland App for Android and iOS


Do you spend more time on your smartphone or tablet device than on a desktop or laptop? Are you a passionate Lottoland player?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, you will undoubtedly be delighted to know that the new Lottoland app is available for download now. You can bet on lotteries and play games, just as you can through the main site but with some added benefits.

Here is what you need to know about the app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

What Can Lottoland Fans Do with The App?

Lottoland has always been a great way to play international lotteries unavailable in your home country. UK players can easily bet on the American MegaMillions and Powerball without needing to book a flight and a hotel stay.

The app provides exclusive offers which you can play and bet while on the move -during your morning commute or your work lunch break.

We encourage all our players with access to a mobile device to get the full benefits of being a member. Offers include special mobile only games and limited time discounts.

Download the app to gain access to a whole new world of promotions and lottery gaming experience.

What Other Features does the Lottoland App Have?

Do you set your life by your device and notifications? Many people do and their smartphones are mini personal organisers. The Lottoland app works with your mobile device calendar.

This means instant alerts on your favourite games, wins, and new features. Plus, you can customise alerts for certain games as and when new entries become available. Don’t like playing certain games? No problem, you can switch them off.

Plus, you will experience all the usual benefits of being a Lottoland fan, with all the same fun on your mobile device that you experience on your main desktop or laptop:

  • Win big prizes while on the move, at work, travelling, on holiday at the weekends at home, without needing your main device.
  • Instant access with a swipe or touch of a button on any mobile device both Android and iOS.
  • Quick and easy drop-down menus let you see your past game entries, wins, and keep on top of your spending. This way, you can revisit favourite games.

Even better, unlike regular lotteries you do not need to claim your prizes and risk losing out if you forget to do so. The app notifies you of your winnings and deposits the money in the account almost immediately.

Is the Lottoland App Secure?

Most smartphones come with extra security features such as fingerprint scanning, face recognition and iris scanning. While some app providers have been slow to take advantage of this security tool, Lottoland is pleased to say that they have not.

Smartphones with biometric scanning can use them to keep their login (and by extension their account and financial details) secure from prying eyes.

Plus, with these features, there is no need to worry about a forgotten password or having to write it down in a place anyone could find.

The Lottoland app is available for download now in your app store.

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