What Electronic Signature Brings to Your Work-life?


Things often get in the way of going to the workplace, from public transport challenges to global health issues. When you work from home, how do you retain productivity? How do you make sure the contracts continue to be signed and negotiations are finished?

Fortunately, we live in an age where it is not only possible to function from home: now it is welcomed. There are so many great instruments available to help people from wherever they are doing their best work.

Here, we discuss some of the many ways in which electronic signatures can keep business moving forward no matter what department you work in, from any place.

The use of electronic signatures in the Human Resource systems of every organization is crucial to improving the competitiveness of the department and making a difference at a time when it becomes more difficult to get an advantage on the competition by day.

Here are some ways for individuals to work from home using CocoSign eSignature.

1. Human Resources: Hiring remotely

A significant HR process is recruiting. When you work from home, keep pace with your recruiting systems to make sure you get the best opportunities for the right applicants, regardless of where you are.

CocoSign lets you turn HR, by connecting, automating, and accelerating the process of employee agreement, from recruiting to retiring. In minutes, you can submit a contract to a prospective hire, review the document, get back to you with any questions, and then sign on the dotted line.

No face-to-face contact necessary, signing from virtually any computer can be done in a few clicks.

2. Sales: Sealing a deal in a couple of minutes

Every company needs to close deals quicker. But having the last signature from a customer can be a major obstacle, especially if you didn’t accommodate facial. Fortunately, this last crucial milestone can be eased by CocoSign and turned into a strategic advantage.

It makes the job a lot simpler to incorporate CocoSign with your CRM tool. Customers can sign documents swiftly and easily. Your team will track progress wherever they are, to ensure that the sales cycle keeps going.

Senders and signers benefit from seamless, on-computer, or smartphone interactions.

3. Purchasing: Keeping up with supplies without paper

Optimize the administration using CocoSign of the contractual agreements. You can handle that through a central server and cryptographic certificates, from induction to cataloging.

Although it can be a challenge to acquire processes such as supplier new employee orientation, digital technology makes it simpler for your coworkers, while maintaining compliance.

Employment agreements by CocoSign are stable, tamper-proof, and identifiable. And if no-one is in the office to collect the goods, you will ensure continuity of supply.

4. Finance: Paying staff expenses while you work from home

Who’s there to handle and repay expenses as many of the co-workers telecommute? Itemized receipts can be a hard thing to handle remotely, specifically if you need checked products or before paying for them.

If all is in CocoSign, then at the touch of a button, you can send out the expenditure of an employee for authorization, and managers can sign from wherever they are. Too convenient, too quick.

5. Real Estate: Sign leases without going out

If you are not able to make a mobile visit via esignature, it enables you to sign rentals while you work from home. To simplify all the paperwork to ensure a good service and ensure compliance, Real estate agents have long followed the strengths or eSignature.

The days of submitting rent papers back and forth by post, or printing, signing on paper, scanning, and sending them back by email are gone.

6. Speed Up Recruiting and Employee Onboarding

Know that up to 60 documents will be included in onboarding a new employee? You must submit, fill out, return, and process a mountain of paperwork.

You are wasting valuable time if the HR department gathers signatures and processes all the paperwork the old way. Your latest hire can only get picked up by a rival if it takes too long.

Obtaining a digital signature on an offer letter will take minutes rather than days, which is more convenient for both you and them.

Instead of spending their first few days signing documents, streamlining onboarding paperwork will help new employees find their feet more easily in their actual jobs. E-signatures can also be highly useful to remote workers aboard.

7. Real-Time Tracking of Document Status

It can be frustrating to wait for documents to be signed by hand. Popular worries include questioning whether or not the signers obtained the files, whether they signed in all the correct locations, or whether a page or two was mislaid or hidden on someone’s desk.

If it has been submitted, is waiting for a signature, or is done, several e-signature services allow you to track the status of your documents in real-time. Usually, when something has changed, you get informed, so there is no more waiting and questioning.

8. Centralized Document Management

Control of human resource records involves preserving and recording the past of employee-signed documents. The time required for processing and archiving is decreased by getting all records in digital format. Going digital with e-signatures helps to centralize this obligation and simplify it, as all these records are digitally processed.

9. More Environmentally Friendly

As candidates consider entering a corporation, environmental sustainability is becoming more of a determining factor. Paperless processes show workers that to preserve the planet, you are doing your part. In particular, for the millennial worker, added importance and meaning in an organization is one of the main things they want in the workplace.

10. It  Makes You Look Good

Attracting high-caliber talent is one of the main obstacles faced by HR departments. A convenient, quick data collection in today’s world makes the business look amazing. A quick, streamlined recruiting process shows to candidates that your business is in the current environment.


We live in the digital age and divisions of Human Resources have to adjust. Due to the real benefits they offer to both the department and the business as a whole it is only a matter of time before electronic signatures are implemented into all HR departments:

  • Projecting an image of a technological business that takes care of the world.
  • Decreasing costs associated with onboarding employees: less time spent, less capital, and fewer material resources.
  • Having a beneficial effect on the everyday activities of employees of Human Resources by promoting their work and increasing their productivity.
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