Easyretweet Review: Increase Traffic and Social Media Exposure

EasyReTweet is a wonderful Twitter net App and traffic tool that helps Twitter users pull huge traffic to their links. You will also get a one way backlink to your website or blog. e

What is Easyretweet?

Easyretweet is a twitter retweet service or tool where users are allowed to post their messages and get them retweeted or tweeted by other users to their fans and followers in exchange for credits. Easyretweet  uses a credit system whereby you can purchase credits of different quantity.


How Does The EasyRetweet System Work?

Imagine you, a member of EasyRetweet have 40 followers and Kingsley, a member too has 15,000 followers. You produce your message and Kingsley retweets it to his followers to earn your credits. while not EasyRetweet, kingsley could never retweet your message to his 15,000 followers. What if 50 members with 20,000+ followers retweet your message? which means you get huge traffic to your blog or site. that is why EasyRetweet exists.

How To Add your Messages

1 – First, you need a Twitter account which you can get for free. move to Twitter

2 – come back to EasyRetweet and click on the Twitter sign in button

3 – you may be taken to Twitter’s secured page. Authorize the applying to achieve access

4 – you may be redirected back to EasyRetweet

5 – whereas in your account, click My RT Messages

6 – Click Add Message to feature a message or read My RT to view/delete existing messages

7 – If you add a message, it’ll be instantly out there for alternative members to start out retweeting.

To add your Blog

Click on Blog Tweet, then on Add blog
Enter your blog rss link and our script can automatically choose your latest posts and increase our database

Followers Feature

As a member, you get listed to be followed by others. Click ‘Get Twitter Followers’ to alter your follow choices and follow others to earn a lot of credits.

How To Add A Blog Feature

If you’ve got a blog, this can be a chance for huge traffic and backlink. Click ‘Blog Tweets’ and add your blog to our blog Directory. Your blog articles are going to be listed for members to retweet and earn free credits if you activate this selection of easyretweet

Website Feature Of EasyRetweet

This is one powerful tool to get traffic to your website. this can be traffic from real those that click to look at your pages. Conversion can rely on your landing page. Click Browse Websites and add your sites this will give you a one way backlink or browse alternative sites to earn credits

How to get credits to your account:

– Retweet others’ messages and blog posts

– Follow others

– Browse websites

– Purchase credits

How to encourage users to retweet your messages

– Be friendly and clear in your messages. do not sound like of a bot or some kind of spammer

– Write short and interesting messages related to your niche or what you are offering

– Retweet other users messages so that they will reciprocate too,but mind the way you tweet to avoid getting banned’

– provide encouraging quantity amount of credits to users

That is all Now wait and see how your traffic increases.


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