What Should Men Look for in a Woman?

man looking at a woman

Trying to explain what men should look for in a woman is an uphill task, especially when you are dealing with highly opinionated adults.

However, the truth has to be said but to save you the trouble; this article isn’t for men who are ONLY looking for

  • Women with big boobs and booty
  • To get married to any woman because it is the norm
  • To get married because they don’t want kids outside wedlock
  • Because momma said, it is time.
  • Women to “hit” and run

Please, if you fall under the above groups, kindly look for other articles you can find here to read; what men should look for in a woman? Please, ignore it, it is not for you.

Now that we’ve settled this let’s move on to the reason why you here.

Every responsible man deserves a responsible woman in his life; no matter how brilliant, smart, productive, and wise you are, you need the right partner to grow.

Imagine dating or getting married to someone that does not contribute to your growth… not so pretty. Here are some of the things to look for in a woman

1. A Loyal woman

Loyalty these days is an expensive trait that you cannot get from just anyone. You’d be asking too much from everyone to be loyal to you.

Nonetheless, if you must go far, you need a loyal partner by your side. Is your woman loyal to you? Can you trust her with secrets?

Whenever you have fights, do your secrets end up on other people’s tables after a big fight with her? Can you peacefully sleep beside her even when you decline her request(s)?

The last question may be funny, but you need to understand the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

2. A submissive woman

In a world where feminism is mistaken for stubbornness, and selfishness, getting a woman by your side who is submissive- who is willing to follow you, to trust her future in your leadership, and believe you are intelligent enough to make the right decisions for the family is quite difficult.

Besides, two captains cannot ride a boat at the same time, one has to step down for the other to lead and the co-captain or co-pilot should be ready at any time to take over the ship/plane when the first one is indisposed to do so.

Joy, are you saying men should go for women who have no say of their own? Are you saying women should be slaves to their husbands?

Before you come for my head, listen- being submissive does not mean you are a slave; as a matter of fact, it takes a strong woman to be submissive.

A woman who can manage her affairs with little or no help from her man, yet she respects him enough to listen and follow him is strong, and not a weakling.

Let me quickly add this here; do not date or marry a man you think is not fit to lead; it will make submissiveness irritating and difficult.

All right, let me focus on the men- it is all about them, not women. If you want to know what women should look for in a man, wait for the next post.

3. A faithful woman

This is similar to the loyalty’s subheading; if you are a man who values fidelity and wants the woman in your life to be committed to you, you have no business dealing with women who see nothing wrong with double-dating. You can check out the common cheating signs here.

Everybody has a right to make choices that best suit them; you don’t force or manipulate anyone to be who they are not.

However, to build an empire (empire here is relative and could mean anything of importance), you need a faithful woman.

4. An intelligent woman

man looking at a woman

Intelligence here is relative; what you see as sensible may not be another’s definition of intelligent.

However, go for a woman who is interested in knowing something about everything, not someone who depends on one source of information and growing with it.

Go for a woman who can handle responsibilities with little or no supervision, a woman who your children can rely on when they need to learn or understand how certain things work.

5. A teachable woman

Not everyone is teachable; it is difficult to live with a woman who has no regard for other people’s opinions.

Someone who feels she is always right and can do no wrong. She may not have it all, but so long she is willing to learn, correct her mistakes and grateful for pointing her in the right direction, then go for her.

6. A frugal woman

Men listen, women are expensive! There is no way money won’t leave your pocket when you are with a woman.

Oh my gosh, Joy, you just sounded like a gold digger.

Lol! Before you call me unprintable names, read this first. Women are expensive, and parents can attest to this that it is more expensive to raise the girl-child than raising the boy-child.

However, it is not a yardstick to empty your account because your woman has “needs.”

A responsible woman should be able to carry her “cross” without wrecking her man’s life.

It is easy to build with a frugal woman than to live with a self-indulgent woman; all she wants you to do is spend, spend, and spend without thinking of how to save with you.

7. A homemaker

Oh, Joy, you sound so old school… yeah, you are right. However, if you are planning to raise kids with her, then she needs to be a homemaker, someone who can join you, raising great kids, and instill good morals in them.

A homemaker is a must-have, and it is part of what men should look for in a woman.

The world is this bad today because bad parents raised a lot of kids. Unfortunately, you cannot give what you don’t have; it takes good parenting to raise good kids.

Please, if you do not care about the future generation, please steer clear from childbearing until both of you are mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to raise children.

No child deserves terrible parents and a hostile home.

These seven traits of what should men look for in a woman are enough to put you on the right track; however, you CANNOT find a woman with all these traits willing to be with you when you are a bum!

No sane woman who values her life, who has goals, will settle for just any man. So work on yourself, while looking for the right woman for you.

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