What to Do When Your Partner Cheats on You

Partner Cheats

Relationships whether platonic or not can be sweet, dreamy, cozy, or whatever lovey-dovey words you have for it, but it can turn into a nightmare when your partner cheats on you.

Though it is a terrible feeling, you can still move on with your life.

By moving on, not necessarily means quitting the relationship (except you have a good reason to quit the relationship right away).

Nonetheless, here are the useful things you can do when your partner cheats on you.

Get yourself tested as soon as you notice your partner’s infidelity

If your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is cheating on you, the best thing for you to do is to get tested.

I know it is not the first thing you would want to hear, but you have to check yourself first before moving on to the next step.

Some cheating partners may find it challenging to inform their unsuspecting “better half” about the disease they’ve contracted probably due to humiliation, guilt, or plain wickedness.

So get yourself tested to ensure you are not infected, and if you are, you can get treated as soon as immediately before it escalates to something untreatable.

Let me share you a story;

A man was cheating on his wife for years, even though the wife knew about it, she didn’t do anything to stop him or go for a medical checkup.

So long as the man provides for the kids, and takes care of her (spend on her) she didn’t see any reason to quit the relationship.

Unfortunately, she became sick; she got tired of self-medication and decided to go to the hospital. The doctor ran some tests and found out she was HIV positive.

The virus has eaten deep, and AIDS was inevitable. The man was aware, but has been taking treatments to reduce the effect of HIV, but failed to inform his wife.

To cut a long story short, the woman died.

You may not like the idea of going to the hospital to know your status, but you will be doing yourself a great disservice by failing to know your status.

Talk to your partner

Lack of communication is one of the significant reasons for broken relationships.

Your partner may not be cheating on you (except there is valid evidence and not based on hearsay). If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, talk to him/her; I don’t mean yell or scream.

If you are emotionally stable for this, wait until you calmed yourself to avoid saying the wrong thing you might regret.

Share your doubts, and hear what he/she has to say. Sometimes it is difficult to trust someone when we have suffered from betrayal in the past.

Your partner’s infidelity may just be a figment of your imagination. So don’t be reluctant to talk to your partner.

Let them know what they did to spike up doubts; they will readjust.

However, you have to be careful too, because some persons will attack you just to make sure you do not bring such issues again.

If you are in such a relationship, it is unhealthy. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything.


All right before you roll your eyes, listen to this; it is okay to cry your eyes out. When you bottle things up, other areas of your life will suffer.

Get the tissue box, and cry. As the tears run down your cheeks, it washes your soul.

And the faster you move on to greater things. Please note that it is unhealthy to cry for a long time over an issue you have no power to change.

Cry, then move on to other things.

Develop yourself

With heartbreaks come low self-esteem; most people, especially ladies, tend to withdraw to their shell when the love of their life leave them for someone else.

This is not the time to wish it didn’t happen. Yes, it happened, move on to something else.

We sometimes spend too much time on one closed door that we forget to see other open doors.

Learn from the mistakes, do things you’ve always wanted to do- be free.

If there is something you’ve always wanted to learn, go for it. The more you focus on developing yourself, the better you will feel.

Also, your current state of mind has a way of bringing people with the same mindset to your way.

For instance, if you are always positive, positive things happen to you, and positive people tend to draw towards you.


One of the ways to blow up some steams is to exercise; working out helps you to regain yourself, and keeps you fit. Instead of stress-eating to ease your heartache, burn them; feel and look good.

Things you shouldn’t do when your partner cheats on you

Don’t stalk his social media: Please refrain from doing that; you are hurting yourself even more. It is not worth it, trying to text their girls or guys flirting with your partner, makes them see you as a loser. Be confident and move on.

Do not let them see where it hurts: We sometimes intentionally update our social media status with what we are going through. It is not the best thing to do; keep calm and work behind the scene, do not give people things to gossip about or make your partner what his/her actions are doing to you. Keep them guessing 🙂

Do not jump into a new relationship: It is risky to jump into another relationship as soon as you notice your partner is cheating on you. Heal from the wounds, if it is something you can work out with your partner, do it, but if it is not. Use the time to learn more about yourself, how to make your life better, and learning what best for you per time.

Disclosing your partner’s secret: Betrayal especially when it comes from close friends makes us vindictive; the “best” way to get back at our loved ones is to disclose the secrets they shared with us. It is childish, and will not make things better.

I would have loved to share more, but don’t want us to dwell on this for too long. The above things to do or not to do when your partner cheats on you are enough to get you started.

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